Monday, December 21, 2015

Abu Dhabi Traffic: To Enhance Students’ Safety during the Holiday Break

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Friday, December 18th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

The Traffic and Patrols Directorate at the Abu Dhabi Police called upon parents and families to support the efforts exerted to ensure students’ safety during the first semester holiday break. Moreover, the directorate stressed the right of children to enjoy a carefree vacation and to practice their hobbies and games that contribute to develop character.

Furthermore, the directorate urged parents to supervise their children and to make sure that they practice their hobbies without breaking the law. It also called upon them to prevent their children from driving vehicles or motorcycles without legal licenses. Such behavior constitutes a violation of the law and may expose them to tragic traffic accidents, resulting in serious injuries and deaths.

Brigadier Khamis Ishaq Mohammed, Director of the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate, noted that the Directorate has intensified its control and surveillance of internal and external roads to reduce traffic accidents and to prevent any dangerous and uncivilized behaviors on the roads. “These dangerous behaviors include street racing with vehicles or motorcycles; and reckless driving in residential areas, which may compromise the safety of pedestrians and children on those roads,” he said.

Additionally, Brigadier Khamis Ishaq encouraged parents and families to prevent their children from playing with motorcycles. He stressed the need for cooperation between all society sectors, such as sports clubs and academic institutions, in order to promote traffic safety culture among young people. He also stressed the need to boost young people’s awareness about the dangers of improper use of motorcycles, to encourage them to ride motorcycles in safe areas where bikes are permitted, and to warn them against riding motorcycles on main roads, public places and other populated areas.

The Director of the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate also encouraged the public to prevent their children from riding the self-balancing two-wheel electric scooters in the street, which pose serious and clear risks on their safety. Brigadier Khamis Ishaq also called for following safety instructions, avoiding public places and choosing safe play areas for children to use these gadgets such as parks and allocated squares while wearing protective gear.

In conclusion, Brigadier Khamis Ishaq indicated that the Traffic and patrols Directorate is implementing ongoing awareness programs aimed at promoting traffic safety culture among young people through dialogue to collect their opinions. It is also providing them with traffic safety advice via the different social media platforms, and through lectures held at universities and other educational institutions and traffic oriented exhibitions. “Such initiatives contribute to improve the behavior of young drivers; open up channels of communication and dialogue with them, as we continue to urge them to abide by traffic laws,” he indicated. The Director of the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate additionally highlighted the efforts made to raise community awareness through the people-oriented councils that aim to activate the role of the families and the community in addressing the risks related to excessive speeding, running red lights, negligence and lack of attention, failure to leave a sufficient safety distance between vehicles, and sudden swerving. “Avoiding such behavior would achieve greater traffic safety on the roads and reduce the occurrence of serious traffic accidents, resulting in deaths and serious injuries,” he said.

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