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Abu Dhabi Police Distribute Awareness Brochures for Protection against Electronic Crimes

Warned Against Technology-Enabled Crimes

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Friday, December 18th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) at the Abu Dhabi Police commenced its campaign to distribute awareness brochures to police servicing departments and governmental institutions across Abu Dhabi. This community outreach initiative aims to enhance protection against electronic crime, also known as e-crime or cybercrime; and to warn against the risks of technology-enabled crimes. The department also allocated the e-mail: ecrime@adpolice.gov.ae to allow communication with the police regarding such crimes.

The awareness brochures provide a number of prevention methods and rules against e-crimes in Arabic and English. The brochures are designed for all society segments in order to foster social awareness about prevention methods, which are consistent with the strategy of the Abu Dhabi Police that aims to boost public confidence in the police institution.

Brigadier Dr. Rashid Mohammad Borshid, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), emphasized the Abu Dhabi Police commitment to enhance social awareness within the developmental efforts to enhance police services; promote safety and security and spread a sense of security and tranquility by providing preventive solutions and communication channels. This embodies the efforts to ensure a safe social environment, provide stability, maintain the safety of society and protect their gains.

Brigadier Dr. Borshid also explained that the awareness brochure include tips and advice on the proper rules to adopt to protect users against e--crimes while surfing social media, online shopping, chatting, or e-mailing. This will contribute to reinforcing efforts in the fight against all aspects of technology-enabled crimes.

He also explained that the CID has recently started distributing these brochures at a number of services departments at Abu Dhabi Police, in addition to governmental services institutions. This approach represents a civilized means to curb the development and increasing risk of e-crimes, a transnational weapon that compromises the safety of society and requires widespread expertise and high-tech capabilities to fight.

For his part, Lieutenant Colonel Taher Al Dhaheri, Chief of Organized Crime Section at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), stressed on the Abu Dhabi Police commitment to fighting such negative issues, in order to serve the various community segments and make the emirate of Abu Dhabi an attractive destination. “This mission is in line with the vision of the Emirate to become one of the safest, most developed capitals in the world,” he continued.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Dhaheri also explained that the brochure provides four detailed methods and rules for e-crimes prevention. He said: “The brochure warns social media users against posting any personal data, photos, or information they do not wish others to see; because such information will stay on the website permanently even if the user deletes it.” He also stressed the importance of using a difficult-to-guess password and refuse add requests from strangers. “Make sure that your personal information cannot be searched on Google or other search engines by changing the search options via privacy settings, and make sure to log off of sites once they have completed their session,” he explained.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Al Dhaheri, the brochure also urges the public not to trust strangers when shopping online, while checking the source from which they buy and be sure to verify the link. It also stresses the need for shoppers to keep phone numbers to call in case of any inquiry of problems; and to keep a copy of the receipt any time they shop.  The brochure also warns the audience to refrain from emailing any financial information or invoices that contains any personal information, and to use a separate credit card dedicated only for online shopping.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Dhaheri also highlighted the importance of regularly changing passwords and to make them hard-to-guess. “Internet users should avoid using chatting and messaging programs to discuss private and confidential issues, as well as avoid any personal photos on the display screen,” he noted. He also stressed on the importance of using a sticker to blind the cameras on their devices and make sure to log off of  the messaging application.

In conclusion, Lieutenant Colonel Al Dhaheri pointed out that the brochure also sheds light on safe email usage. “Users should check and scan any attachments before opening them, using antivirus programs; they should ignore any messages that ask for personal information, change passwords regularly and avoid using their email addresses in public places,” he noted.  He also stressed the importance of ensuring that the website used is secure. “A secure website's URL should begin with “https”. Users are advised to use local or paid email, such as email@eim.ae and make sure to log off of sites once they have completed their session,” he concluded.

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