Friday, December 25, 2015

2.4 Million People Visit and Download the MoI UAE App

The new design of the “MOI UAE” to be launched soon

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Sunday, December 20th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

Lieutenant Colonel Faisal Mohammed Al Shimmari, Executive Director of the Smart Government Program in the Ministry of Interior stated that 2,445,144 people have visited and downloaded the “MOI UAE” app, via the various platforms of the app on smartphones.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Shimmari said that this number reflects the importance of services provided to the clients through the app, and the relevance of the services to their needs, adding that it constitutes a quantum leap in service provision methods and making it available for all the segments of the society. He noted that the smart government program team at the ministry is about to launch the new design of the Ministry of Interior’s app “MOI UAE” on smart phones, where it became compatible with the social media addresses of the Ministry of Interior. It will include several features that meet the needs of the clients and keep pace with the development of smart apps, in a way that enhances the customer experience. It was also a response to several suggestions from clients.

Al Shimmari added that the new design of electronic and smart services took into account having less number of steps for implementing the service, and accepting the e-documents issued by the ministry which are considered by the governmental and private entities in the UAE as official documents. These include the “Good Conduct” certificate, the driving license and the vehicle ownership which are sent to the client by email.

He mentioned that the ministry supported the procedures of service provision by developing the instant messaging, to strengthen channels of effective communication with clients, taking into account assigning a specialized employee to answer the various inquiries related to the electronic and smart services of the ministry, as well as receive complaints. The app includes also features that support people with special needs during the service implementation process.

Al Shimmari announced that the number of calls received during the first month of activating the instant messaging feature for clients dealing with the services provided by the MOI UAE app, or general inquiries, was 1935 calls coming from 27 countries. These calls were dealt within a standardized manner in accordance with the smart government standard, helping clients complete their transactions.

The Executive Director of the Smart Government in the Ministry of Interior called upon citizens and residents of the UAE to hurry and register for the electronic and smart services, to benefit from the features provided by the ministry and its various services. He explained that registering for the app requires the ID data and a mobile phone number that should be active at the time of registration.

It is worth mentioning that the registration process for the Ministry of Interior’s app for smartphones includes sending the activation code in a text message to the mobile phone number registered on the system. In case the number was inactive, then you should update your data at the Department of Naturalization, Residency and Ports for one time only; then the service will be provided smoothly and regularly.

Moreover, the Ministry of Interior provides all segments of society with advanced and user-friendly techniques. It also seeks to live up to its slogan “Our Services Within your Reach... Your Satisfaction is our Aim” by providing electronic services in a secure way through a streamlined and convenient process that requires an Emirates ID card in quick and accurate steps. To this end, it has allocated the phone number 8005000 to receive their enquiries during business hours to facilitate the completion of transactions and receive proposals that would enhance the services provided to them via the Email:

Cadre: the “MOI UAE” app on the smartphones platforms

The Ministry of Interior offers various services around the clock vial the MOI UAE app at the ministry’s platform for smartphones, which includes Android, BlackBerry, Windows, and Apple.

Visitors can get the app, as the new release will be launched soon, respectively as follows:


Windows Phone



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