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Abu Dhabi Traffic: Issuing and Following-up on Traffic Violation Tickets via Smart Phones

Smart Services Pack to Support Traffic Officers

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Tuesday, December 15th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

The Traffic and Patrols Directorate at the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters (GHQ) has launched a new set of smart services for the use of its staff members. This would allow them to issue traffic violations via smart phones and perform their duties more accurately and effectively.

Brigadier Engineer Hussein Ahmed Al Harithi, Director General of Central Operations at Abu Dhabi Police, revealed that a new suite of smart services has been introduced via mobile phones for the benefit of the Traffic and Patrols Directorate’s staff members. “These services would allow officers to issue traffic violation tickets in the presence of the offenders or in absentia; digitally or based on a still photos. They also include special features such as running background checks about drivers and inquiring about the vehicles simply by logging in the data pertaining to the vehicle and then sending violations to the main database. This is achieved according to a safe technical procedure, which allows the exchange of  data between mobile phones of the traffic officers issuing the violation tickets and the police main server,”, explained Brigadier Al Harithi.

Additionally, Brigadier Al Harithi indicated that issuing traffic violation tickets via mobile phone fall in line with the efforts to enhance services development. “It also aims to empower staff members by providing them with cutting-edge smart services reinforced by advanced systems and programs and supported by an integrated database of mega data, business intelligence software and proactive analysis.” Brigadier Al Harithi also noted that the new suite of services comes in response to the vision of Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, to provide creative services as a key factor to attain the UAE’s aspiration of achieving smart cities.

On the same note, Brigadier Al Harithi pointed out that by introducing this new traffic-related technology, traffic officers can now issue any violation ticket using smart phones, by taking a digital photo of the violating vehicle. "Violations include parking in spaces dedicated to people with special needs; overtaking on the hard shoulder of the road; and other violations in presence of the offenders or in absentia. This would reinforce traffic control operations; in accordance with best practices in the field of traffic safety, achieve compliance with traffic laws, and reduce traffic accidents,” he noted.

Adding further, Brigadier Engineer Al Harithi indicated that the new system will contribute to promote staff members' capabilities and eliminate the need for procedures that require repeated manual handling and paper consumption, ultimately saving time and avoiding delays in the violations’ data processing. “The system would also improve work quality and performance, on the technical and administrative levels, by issuing traffic violation tickets in absentia and transmitting them in real time to the federal traffic program,” he said.

He added that the system includes many features that enable users to run a search and identify the offending vehicles by simply logging in the vehicle's registration number. "It also provides a background check feature for wanted drivers by displaying a warning message on the screen when traffic officers fill in the drivers’ license number. Moreover, it allows traffic officers to issue traffic violation tickets that indicate accurate details about the location using the Global Positioning System (GPS).”

The Director General of Central Operations underlined the unrelenting commitment of the Abu Dhabi Police to implement the best standards in developing smart systems that meet future aspirations by enabling the use of smart systems and geographic information systems (GIS). “Such sophisticated features would provide accurate information about the geographical distribution of traffic violations and traffic hot spots; display results on digital maps that facilitate monitoring, evaluation and follow-up processes; and analyze locations that witness a high rate of traffic violations to identify effective solutions that improve traffic safety and support decision-making. All of these measures fall in line with the strategy aimed at reducing traffic accidents and the resulting casualties and injuries," he indicated.

In conclusion, Brigadier Al Harithi emphasized that the new suite of smart services represents a quantum leap in the efforts to speed up the completion of work processes and is an innovative mechanism for the support of traffic officers. "The new suite of smart services is flexible and scalable, and can be easily integrated with systems and technologies intended to be applied in the future,” he noted. Moreover, he underscored the added value of promoting the traffic violation tickets issuance system and helping individuals in charge of this task to discharge the tasks assigned to them more accurately and effectively.

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