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MoI Ramadan Councils Discuss Crime Fighting Mechanisms and Providing Distinguished Services to the Public

Studies Show a 96% Increase in Public Satisfaction with Security Levels
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Tuesday, June 23rd 2015 [ME NewsWire]

The Ministry of Interior commenced its Ramadan Councils on Monday evening, under the theme “Innovation through Dialogue”. The nine councils are organized at the countrywide level by the Law Respect Culture Bureau at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior; and tackled the topic of “police and interrogation centers”.

The main topic included three different themes, notably, the mechanisms for fighting crime; the fight against drugs; and the fight against cybercrime. It shed the light on the key challenges that may face police and interrogation centers; such as the culture of reporting crimes; cultural and national pluralism in the country; and the most common crimes.

Colonel Dr. Salah Obeid Al Ghoul, Director of Law Respect Culture Bureau, the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, indicated that the Ramadan Councils organized by the ministry enjoy the support and attention  of the police leadership, out of its keenness to leverage citizens’ ideas and suggestions. Speaking at the council hosted by Citizen Khaled Nasser Al Shafi in Abu Dhabi, Colonel Al Ghoul reiterated the full support and unrelenting follow-up of Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior to these valuable councils.

Participants attending the Al Shafi Council, which was moderated by media personality Mr. Habib Al Sayegh, Chairman of the Emirates Writers Union’s Board of Directors, stressed the need to raise public awareness on the dangers associated with cybercrimes through telecommunications firms, in cooperation with the Tourism Authority. They also called for reinforcing awareness-raising messages on social media.

The participants also discussed the myriad services offered by the Comprehensive Police Stations, and the efforts exerted by the Security Media Department to acquaint the public with these services. They also stressed the importance of promoting awareness among community members on the different negative and objectionable phenomena, including cybercrimes; and the need to enhance cooperation among the various entities in this regard.

Speakers at the Council said that, with more than 200 nationalities successfully co-existing in the UAE, and despite the challenges faced by police and security bodies with the cultural and national pluralism in the country, police and security bodies work efficiently to ensure the highest levels of safety, an approach that has positioned the UAE among the safest countries in the world.


HE Lt. General Dhahi KhalfanTamim, Deputy Chairman of the Dubai Police and General Security, said that security is and has always been the main pillar to ensure good living conditions for people;  and is an equally  humanitarian and policing duty. He said: “Without the valuable collaboration between community members and the police force, we would not be able to provide security for all.”

These remarks were made by His Excellency in his speech at the council hosted by UAE citizen Ahmed Abdulla Al Sha’far in Dubai, as a part of the MoI’s Ramadan councils. The council was moderated by media personality Hassan Habib, and attended by Major General Dr. Abdul Quddous Abdul Razzaq Al Obaidly, Assistant Director General of Total Quality at Dubai Police; Major General Mohammed Saeed Al Marri, Deputy Director of Community Service Directorate at Dubai Police and a number of officers from Dubai Police General Headquarters.

The participants at the council called for developing a scientific discipline at universities across the UAE to promote forward thinking, and a website designed to spread the law respect culture, supported by related pictures, which sheds the light on the different provisions of the law and regulations of the UAE. They also recommended establishing a strategic plan to reduce the number of customers who visit governmental bodies in general and the MoI in particular; promote the culture of reporting crimes by enhancing communication between  the various segments of society and police bodies; fight cybercrime according to modern technological methods and raise public awareness through the different social networking sites.

Speakers discussed a number of security topics of interest to the public. Major General Dr. Abdul Quddous Abdul Razzaq Al Obaidly said that His Highness, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, has dedicated special attention to promote excellence programs; a major challenge to maintain the levels of security and safety achieved by the government, in the quest to make the UAE one of the best countries in the world in terms of safety and security.

For his part, Major General Mohammed Saeed Al Marri explained that communication with members of society has become close-knit thanks to the services provided by the MoI, and good management of social service. The speakers noted that security-related researches and studies are of highly instrumental to establish security policies; some studies that assess the sense of safety and security have shown that public satisfaction has reached 96%. The participants also spoke about “Al Ameen” service, which is a distinguished service in the Arab World; and tackled the scourge of begging that detracts from the civilized image of the UAE and seems to peak during the holy month, and cyber-begging or internet panhandling.

The participants listed the various services provided by police stations and their valuable contribution to prevent and reduce crimes. They noted that security work is a collaborative effort between the public, the police institution and other civil institutions. The speakers at Al Sha’far council also discussed the efforts exerted by security bodies in the fight against drugs to protect members of society from falling prey to drug addiction.

Cyber Crimes

Participants in the Ramadan Council, organized by the Ministry of Interior and hosted by Emirati citizen Mohamed Abdullah Al Ketbi at his residence in Sharjah, stressed the importance of enhancing the culture of combating cyber crimes among community members of different social segments and age groups. The council also tackled a number of topics related to police and investigation centers; and discussed the mechanisms for fighting crime in general, especially the fight against drugs and cyber crimes.

The council was moderated by media personality Mohamed Majed Al Suwaidi, who stressed the importance of the Ramadan councils held by the Ministry of Interior in enhancing the law respect culture, and shedding light on the requirements and aspirations of the different social segments, in an open and familial atmosphere during Ramadan.

Participants at the council discussed the mechanisms for fighting crime, and the Comprehensive Police Stations’ workflow and provided services. They also tackled the security education programs provided for students throughout the year by specialized teams of officers to correct students’ behavior and enhance their legal culture.

Participants recommended ordering coffee shops and internet and video games cafes to close before 11 pm because they represent a source of nuisance and concern for residents due to their impact on security.

Popular Parliaments

For their part, participants attending the Ministry of Interior’s council hosted by Abdullah Amin Al Sharfa in Musheiref, Ajman, assured that the MoI Ramadan councils are miniature popular parliaments that tackle the most pressing social issues. They also stressed the need to establish calculated and concrete plans to encourage the culture of efficient cooperation with the police and boost security and stability witnessed by the UAE. Speakers at the council called for intensifying anti-drug media campaigns in a bid to protect society and the youth against the drug affliction and addiction.

Abdullah Amin Al Sharfa welcomed the participants in the council, stressing the importance of organizing such Ramadan Councils at the countrywide level to discuss issues of interest to citizens and their aspirations; as well as to reinforce the law respect culture among the public. The council was moderated by media figure Brigadier Dr. Ali Sanjal.

In his speech at the council, Brigadier Sheikh Sultan Bin Abdullah Al Nuaimi, Commander-in-Chief of Ajman Police, stressed the Ministry of Interior’s keenness to shed the light on a wide variety of topics and issues matters during the Ramadan councils. He also referred to significant cooperation and coordination between the Ajman Police General Headquarters and the different local departments across the emirate. He said: “Work is carried out jointly with full coordination and a team spirit, in the quest to achieve the mutual goals.”

Speakers at the council commended the Ministry of Interior’s commitment to prevent crimes, especially drugs, which negatively impacts community members on the health, psychological, social and economic levels. They also noted that the achievements and services made by the police entities have efficiently contributed to enhancing the sense of safety among the public, and their satisfaction about the services provided by the police.

Attracting Competencies

The Ramadan Council hosted by UAE citizen Mohammed Hassan Al Kizi in Ras Al Khaimah, witnessed an overwhelming participation from the area’s residents. The Council, which is a part of the MoI Ramadan Councils, was moderated by media personality Ahmed Al Tunaiji.

Attendees expressed their thanks and appreciation to the MoI for establishing communication channels between UAE citizens and police and security entities, which contributes efficiently to ensure protection of society.

Participants called for attracting competent and highly qualified Emirati nationals to counter cyber and technology-enabled crimes. They also recommended reinforcing security standards through social media, conferences and forums; and spreading awareness among visitors who travel to the UAE to work or visit.

The Al Kizi Council discussed the myriad services provided by the Comprehensive Police Stations and the fight against drugs to protect the youth. It also tackled the impact of bad companions on children’s behaviors; the negative role of parents who fail to cooperate with the police; cyber crimes uncovered by the Technological Crime Units at the anti-organized crime divisions; the importance of reporting any behavioral changes in children to the relevant authorities at the MoI in order to resolve the issues and prevent children from falling prey to criminal organizations. The council also shed the light on the ongoing violations of residency laws in the UAE, and the multitude of decrees issued by the higher leadership to regularize their visa status for their own safety.

The Role of the Family in the Fight against Crime

The MoI Ramadan Council held in Fujairah, was hosted by Emirati citizen Dr. Hamad Karam Jalal Al Kaa’bi was moderated by media personality Humaid Al Zaabi, and attended by Brigadier Mohammed Ahmed bin Ghanim Al Kaabi, Commander-in-Chief of Fujairah Police, and Brigadier Mubarak bin Sinan, Director General of the Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Fujairah. Participants at the council called for increasing the number of community-based initiatives to enhance interaction between community members and the police, by organizing such councils, throughout the year, not just in the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Participants also called for shedding the light on the valuable role of the family in countering and preventing crime. They stressed the need to reinforce the role of the media in spreading awareness about all types of crimes, and to establish mutual plans and programs between the MoI and the Ministry of Education (MOE), to prevent any potential crimes that may face members of the community.

Concerted Efforts

The MoI Ramadan Council held in Umm Al Quwain called for exerting further efforts to spread legal culture among community members, and inform them that ignorance of the law is no excuse. Participants at the council stressed the importance of enhancing the knowledge of police staff members and acquainting them with the Code of Criminal Procedure, how to implement itaccording to the provisions of the law; and how to follow the proper procedures.

The council, which was hosted by Emirati citizen Ahmed Said Al Hisawi and moderated by media personality Hamed Al Karam, was attended by Brigadier Rashid bin Ahmed Commander-in-Chief of Umm Al Quwain Police, along with a number of UAE citizens. The participants underscored the importance of joint action and concerted efforts between the different government entities and community members towards spreading the law respect culture; promoting awareness on the proper ways to counter the different types of crimes, especially cyber crimes and the drug scourge that are becoming a menace to people worldwide.

Furthermore, speakers at the council called for reinforcing the role of the media in boosting legal education among community members of different age and educational levels, in a way that better suits their education. They pointed out that social media have the highest numbers of followers, and must be used in a better and deeper way to spread awareness.

Speakers discussed a number of topics such as organized crimes and cyber crimes and how to face and prevent them, in line with the applicable laws; the drug scourge; human trafficking and the UAE’s efforts in countering them.

Notable presence of female participants

The participants in the MoI Ramadan councils, which took place in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, reviewed the most prominent security challenges, with special focus on identifying the proper solutions provided by community members.

The Women Ramadan Council in Sharjah was hosted by Ms. Aysha Hassan and was moderated by media figure Fadila Al Muaini. The council recommended establishing concrete partnerships between security authorities in the country and community members in order to prevent crimes. Participants in the council stressed the need to develop a framework to regulate this role and to put forth a set of guidelines related to participation in the efforts to curb all types and forms of crimes. At the same time, they called upon society to undertake positive roles.

Moreover, the council called upon citizens and residents to be an integral part of the effective strategies in order to counter all forms of crime. The participants in Dalal AL Qubaisi’s council in Abu Dhabi, which was moderated by media figure Alsaad Al Menhali, recommended increasing awareness about drugs, which has become an important social problem. They also emphasized the need to follow up on the latest developments in terms of laws and legislations and send messages through the various media about any changes that may occur. The council also recommended activating community partnership.

Photo Captions:

    MoI Ramadan Councils discuss Crime Fighting Mechanisms and Providing Distinguished Services to the Public (Photo: ME NewsWire)
    Habib Al Sayegh moderating the Al Shafi Council in Abu Dhabi (Photo: ME NewsWire)
    Dhahi Khalfan Tamim speaking at Al Sha’far Council in Dubai (Photo: ME NewsWire)
    Side of the Al Shafi Council activities, in the presence of Colonel Salah Al Ghoul (Photo: ME NewsWire)
    Ajman Police Commander-in-Chief attending the Ramadan Council organized in the emirate (Photo: ME NewsWire)
    Fujairah Ramadan Council (Photo: ME NewsWire)
    Remarkable female attendance at the Ramadan Council in Abu Dhabi (Photo: ME NewsWire)

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