Monday, May 30, 2022

The Health Bank Presents A Pilot Study on Remote Health Monitoring for Diabetes at the MESPEN Congress

 Dubai, United Arab Emirates-Monday 30 May 2022 [ AETOS Wire ]

Globally, Chronic illnesses pose a major socioeconomic burden. Research indicates that one in every three adults worldwide lives with more than one form of chronic illness, incurring considerable costs for both the individual and on healthcare systems, at large.

Through their Connected Care Program, The Health Bank Global (THB)  have modernized remote health monitoring by making patients an active part of their healthcare journey. By harnessing such methods, patients facing chronic conditions are able to monitor their own symptoms and take control over their own health, with the guidance of licensed healthcare professionals.

The pilot study recruited 32 patients with chronic conditions for a three-month period to test the hypothesis that the program’s patient-centred approach to remote monitoring of health would provide better patient outcomes and increased adherence to treatment. In the traditional medical setup, these patients would often report low compliance to treatment, as appointments are spread apart over weeks to months.

THB’s remote monitor coupled with the development of a unique Patient Engagement Rating System (PERS) yielded a strong correlation between high patient engagement scores and improved blood glucose levels over the 3 month period. This is indicative that care management of diabetes can take place within the comfort of a patient’s home in a manner that is cost effective and proves to be a good alternative to the traditional medical setup of healthcare practices happening exclusively in hospitals or clinics.

The Health Bank was awarded a feature poster abstract at the 1st edition of the Middle Eastern Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (MESPEN) Congress hosted by SEHA. The two-day conference under the theme ‘Raising the Practices of Clinical Nutrition’ which took place in Abu Dhabi from the 13th to 15th of May.

By leveraging cutting edge technology and combining quality, patient-centered care in the comfort of your home, THB continues to prove its commitment to providing streamlined home health services. The mission is simple: to provide our clients with care in their own homes and enable them to successfully manage their own health.


Mohammed Al Barazenjey 


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