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Envision the Future and Take on the Power of Computing with GIGABYTE at COMPUTEX 2022


TAIPEI-Friday 20 May 2022 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- GIGABYTE, a world leader in computer technology, will be presenting “Power of Computing” as its theme of the year, and exhibiting its leading products and solutions designed for various industries and fields in the upcoming COMPUTEX Taipei.

GIGABYTE has curated its presentation around the theme “Power of Computing” to demonstrate that, everything from the cloud to the edge, from team collaboration to individual creation, from business applications to personal use, computing done by servers in data centers to process massive data and embedded systems in IoT and personal computers to render real-time information is the key behind groundbreaking innovations that appear in the fields of AI, cloud deployment, smart technologies, and digital content creation, etc.

Data Center is an integral part of making technological breakthroughs. GIGABYTE is a trusted pioneer in developing new server products for developers, and worked on software integrations to provide product solutions that are in line with the future of the digital age. GIGABYTE also works closely with vendors in early stages of HPC server platform development, so that system integration and optimization of SmartNICs and GPGPUs allow for heterogeneous architecture in servers to provide application-specific computing acceleration the higher computation and efficiency. In addition to supporting x86 applications using AMD and Intel processors, GIGABYTE also offers the choice of ARM servers that provide consistent data processing and encoding from the user’s terminal to edge, which not only enhances an agile response but also accelerates the development of innovations in the edge computing-piloted 5G era.

GIGABYTE is dedicated to use computing performance to accelerate innovation and advance quality of life, and has devoted effort into development of various cooling methods that includes launching products with direct liquid cooling and immersion cooling technologies to reduce the environmental impact of increased heat generated by data centers.

In the new digital age driven by AI-enabled applications, GIGABYTE has coupled its servers with MyelinTe's MLSteam platform to cluster all computing servers, storage and management nodes to facilitate resource allocation, monitoring and management, and effectively maximize resource utilization. GIGABYTE further expands its hardware experience and expertise by releasing embedded computers into everyday applications such as the fields of self-driving cars and the Internet of Vehicles. GIGABYTE's ADCU series can process massive data and make vehicle-control decisions on a real-time basis; and T-BOX can handle data and mutual communications between on-road vehicles, which is an ideal solution suitable for commercial fleet management.

Computing powers the engine for technological progression, not only to enabling successes in businesses, but also providing exhilarating personal experiences. GIGABYTE exhibits an NVIDIA Omniverse™ virtual collaboration scenario with a host-client setup using its high-performance W771-Z00 workstation and visual-spectacle BRIX mini PC; an awe-inspiring gaming showcase of flagship gaming solutions powered by Intel 12th gen processors, iF Design award-winning motherboards and monitor, and AMD Socket AM5 motherboards with advanced design and extensive features of PCIe 5.0 graphics slot and m.2 Gen5 interface; and GIGABYTE's creator/gaming laptops provide high performance with premium visual experience, with its newest flagship gaming laptop featuring the 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 HX series processor, offer a glimpse at the Metaverse potential.

From May 24th to 27th, GIGABYTE is primed, with an array of product solutions and applications, and ready to exhibit its hardware expertise and technology know-how, which possess the computing performance to accelerate technology innovations and uphold its vision to “Upgrade Your Life”

GIGABYTE @ COMPUTEX 2022 - https://gbte.tech/CX22

More About GIGABYTE enterprise: https://www.gigabyte.com/enterprise

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