Thursday, May 19, 2022

Metanomic Acquires Intoolab, Developers of the First Bayesian Network Artificial Intelligence Engine

 The acquisition will help developers create better video game economies and Web3 experiences through deep player insight and data analytics

EDINBURGH, Scotland-Thursday 19 May 2022 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Today, Metanomic ( announces it has acquired Intoolab A.I ( , a Bayesian Network Artificial Intelligence company, to expand and to improve data analysis and A.I across video games and Web3. This acquisition augments Metanomic’s current game economy infrastructure that allows developers to build, simulate and run balanced game economies and core gameplay loops in a live, real-time environment.

The addition of artificial intelligence helps developers create better experiences through intelligent insight from player behaviour in run-time. As a part of the acquisition the existing solution will be rebranded to Thunderstruck and extend the capabilities of the Metanomic Engine.

A more intelligent approach to video game development and Web3 analytics

Thunderstruck is based on a new approach to artificial intelligence that is not based on off the shelf machine learning algorithms but a powerful combination of Deep Learning and Dynamic Bayesian Networks. The solution has already been successfully proven in Healthcare and the technology is now being applied initially to video games and Web3 in a number of core applications -

Web 3 Intelligence relating to game and NFT discovery and recommendation for tailored and personalized results to the user or player

Game Economy Intelligence providing Economy Balance Prediction, Gamer Categorisation, Gameplay Recommendations, Retention Strategies and NPC Intelligence

Ad Categorization delivers analytics around player and consumer classification both on and off-chain for in-game advertising networks to drive more personalized results

DeFI Intelligence providing on and off-chain user profiling for DeFi insight into asset purchases and income for new products and services, reputation scoring and more.

“Web3 and metaverse are the next big thing that will affect our everyday lives in so many dimensions and we couldn’t be at a better place and time with our technology, to take the next step and introduce Dynamic Bayesian Networks to this untapped and exciting new market,” said Nikos Tzagkarakis, CEO and Co-founder of IntooLab who joins Metanomic as their incoming Chief AI Officer.

“We knew from the first time we met Theo and the rest of the team, that joining the incredible Metanomic powerhouse is our best bet to be part of an unmatched platform for Web3, game economies and the metaverse.

“The incredible traction we’ve seen across both the traditional games industry, web3, and play-and-earn games for the beta of our economy platform already puts us in a strong position to help developers build more fun and engaging experiences,” Theo Priestley, CEO of Metanomic said.

"With the acquisition of an artificial intelligence platform we can deliver more power to developers through real-time player insight as well as the most advanced game economy solution in the industry.”

With the acquisition also comes the commitment to continue to build the company’s development hub in Greece, supporting the local startup community and tech economy.

Thunderstruck is available for trial and partner integration from today. The Metanomic Engine is a complete, free to use game economy design and run-time solution for game developers across Web3 and traditional games and is currently in a closed beta. To sign up for the waiting list email

About Metanomic

Metanomic is the first and only complete real-time economy as a service platform for developers. Built by professional economists and game designers, the platform utilizes patented algorithms to easily deploy plug and play, interoperable and infinitely scalable game and creator economies ready for web3, metaverse, and play-and-earn games. The platform allows developers to easily and quickly build a fully-scalable and configurable play-and-earn economy that features asset creation engines and fully balanced player markets.

About Intoolab

Founded in 2017, Intoolab has always been technology-first, building the first production ready Dynamic Bayesian Networks intelligence that can be a milestone neurosymbolic step towards A.I. frameworks that understand the human concepts structurally and not just correlationally.

Tzager is the first Bayesian Inference A.I. framework, built for biomedical research, drug discovery, and personalized medicine with the main features being Pathway Simulations, Predictor Research/Models, and Literature Intelligence. Tzager is not just another deep learning algorithm trained to solve very specific problems, but an intelligent system with its own framework.

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