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Smokers and the Business Environment in Jordan Will Benefit Significantly From Government Reforms on E-Cigarette Policies and Taxes

 Reforms will attract investment from international e-cigarette brands, as well as from local entrepreneurs, while consumers will benefit from better, accessibly priced alternatives to combustible cigarettes


AMMAN, Jordan-Wednesday 18 May 2022 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- RELX International, a responsible multinational electronic cigarettes company, is continuing its support for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to adopt a more favourable fiscal policy when it comes to the country’s e-cigarette polices and taxes. Should policies and taxes on these products be revised in line with regional markets such as Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Jordanian adult smokers, the business environment and government financial reserves will benefit greatly.

According to the Jordan National Stepwise Survey (STEPs) for Noncommunicable Diseases Risk Factors 2019, adult smokers in Jordan smoke an average of 21.3 cigarettes a day [1]. The rate is said to be amongst the highest in the world, with worldwide scientific research linking high tobacco use to a raft of diseases. In contrast, an increasing number of reputed organisations including the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has said that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than traditional cigarettes, and can actually help smokers reduce or quit smoking altogether [2].

For adult smokers in Jordan, reforming e-cigarette policies and reducing taxes will bring legal access to accessibly priced, premium quality e-cigarette products, which are backed by the latest research & development. Responsible brands will also be able to work closer with their partners to educate adult consumers about the risks and benefits of their products, and restrict access to minors. Consumers can also rest assured that regulated products have been signed off by the Jordanian Food and Drug Administration, which is the sole national competent authority for drug safety & efficacy and food safety & quality.

While e-cigarette products do contain nicotine and so are not completely without risks, the latter is not the main cause of smoking-related diseases according to various regulatory and health organisations including the aforementioned NHS. In fact, a research paper published on the website ‘Tobacco Control’ has stated that the replacement of combustible cigarettes by e-cigarettes use over a 10-year period yields 6.6-million fewer premature deaths, with 86.7-million fewer life years lost in the Optimistic Scenario in the United States alone [3].

Apart from the benefit to adult smokers in the country, broad e-cigarette reforms will benefit the business and investment environment in Jordan. E-cigarette vendors will be attracted to investing in on-ground facilities to better liaise with the market, while the supply chain responsible for the distribution of products could also experience significant growth; traditionally, e-cigarette products are retailed by small- and medium-businesses, and the legalisation of these products with balanced taxation will attract entrepreneurs keen to set up new retail points across the country.

Through these important reforms, Jordanian authorities will also benefit from the collection of tax revenues from legally imported products. In line with this, authorities will be able to clamp down on tax evasion issues associated with illegal market players, while simultaneously working to curtail the spread of inferior and dangerous black-market products, which do not meet the standards and regulations outlined by local and international authorities. This will positively impact the safety of adult smokers who will be able to access licensed and standard-compliant e-cigarette products at an accessible price.


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[2] NHS UK - Using e-cigarettes to stop smoking

[3] Tobacco Control – Potential deaths averted in USA by replacing cigarettes with e-cigarettes

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