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Shipsy to Showcase Key Innovations to Achieve UAE’s Smart City and Sustainability Goals at Seamless 2022 As Sponsors

 At Seamless 2022, Shipsy will showcase how innovative AI solutions will help businesses build smarter logistics processes and ensure sustainable supply chain operations.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates-Monday 30 May 2022 [ AETOS Wire ]

The MEA Smart Cities market is set to double by this year. The UAE is one of the frontrunners in the race as it speeds towards achieving its Smart City status by fulfilling the goals highlighted in the Dubai 2040 Plan and the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030.

Shipsy, a leading global smart logistics management platform provider, continues to assist the nation in achieving its Smart City and sustainability goals through its AI-driven smart logistics management solutions. At a time when UAE is poised to become a key driver of global trade with a 6% growth in exports annually, Shipsy's technology innovations will play a pivotal role in enabling the government here to balance social, environmental and financial progression.

In February this year, the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy updated its plans to reduce carbon emissions by 30% before 2030. This was an important move to support the UAE's efforts to achieve net-zero ambitions by 2050. The region's supply chain and logistics sectors will play an instrumental role in helping governments achieve this objective.

"A major goal the UAE wants to achieve by building smart cities is to further improve the livelihood of the country's local communities. One important aspect of this objective will be democratizing the availability of products, goods, and services in the fastest and the most efficient way possible — an area that depends on robust logistics operations. Shipsy is helping businesses leverage AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Predictive Intelligence, Automation, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain, and more to build resilient supply chain networks capable of responding to demand-supply fluctuations and absorbing unprecedented disruptions," says Soham Chokshi, CEO and Co-Founder Shipsy.

With demand for faster online deliveries ballooning, cross-border eCommerce activities are intensifying, and margins getting thinner, businesses in the region are posed with logistics challenges that can be transformed into novel opportunities when addressed using the right technology.

Shipsy is also among the key associate sponsors for Seamless Middle East 2022. The company will leverage this opportunity to showcase its technology and highlight how it's helping UAE achieve its Smart City goals, improve logistics operations, and drive logistics and business sustainability.

At Seamless 2022, Shipsy will exhibit how 170+ customers across the globe are using its platform to cost-efficiently scale deliveries, provide engaging and transparent delivery experiences, optimize cross-border logistics operations, mitigate transportation risks and achieve more. 

Seamless Middle East 2022 will be a two-day event, 31st May to 1st June, held in Dubai World Trade Center. The event will witness 10,000+ attendees, 350+ exhibitors, and 300+ speakers.

Businesses in the region use Shipsy's technology to monitor and reduce carbon emissions. Their technology ensures lesser trip volumes, reduces miles traveled and return volumes, and significantly eliminates chances of delivery failures and empty miles to counter CO2 emissions. Attendees of the Seamless event will have the opportunity to delve deeper into how these are being made possible.

"Shipsy is empowering businesses across the globe to expedite their logistics sustainability goals. It's curbing distance traveled by 5% and reducing trip volumes by 6%. It ensures 14% more deliveries per driver and drastically reduces failure rates by improving address accuracy," added Chokshi.

The organization also highlighted that it would be announcing the launch of its shipment tracking platform and demonstrating its innovations in the space at Seamless 2022. This will happen before the global launch in Orlando, Florida on 6th June.

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