Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Closer to You: Distinctive Services for Seniors and Individuals with Special Needs

Provided by Al Ain Residency

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Tuesday, March 29th 2016 [ME NewsWire]
Colonel Khalifa Matar Al Humairi, Head of Al Ain Residency and Foreigners Affairs Department in Al Ain, requested senior citizens and individuals with special needs among citizens and residents not to hesitate in seeking help by calling the number (0566891303) or (037048382). This comes in line with the “Closer to You” initiative dedicated to service customers in these both categories.
He said: “the department is seeking to develop services provided for its customers in order to elevate the level of satisfaction, and guarantee the receipt of the services we provide.” He noted that the “Closer to You” service is carried out within the framework of the keenness of the Residency and Foreigners' sector in the Ministry of Interior, and aims to achieve the goal of enhancing the public’s trust in the efficiency of the services provided to them, and realize the vision of the UAE Vision 2021.
Efficient Employees
He then assured that senior citizens and individuals with special needs are main categories among the customers of the Department. He noted that the “Closer to You” initiative guarantees equal opportunities by providing an even access for senior citizens and individuals with special needs to all the department’s sources and services that benefit other customers in a way that increases the level of satisfaction.
He pointed out that efficient and expert employees are dedicated for customer service to provide this service to senior citizens and individuals with special needs from all age categories and nationalities. He said that this aims to guarantee the fulfillment of efficient services, as well as grant the service in a way that satisfies needs and understands the nature of the person’s health condition.
Specialized Courses
He finally revealed that all the Department’s employees undergo an annual training program that includes specialized training courses in all fields. “The department is keen to enroll servicing employees in specialized courses about public skills, distinguished services, body language, signals language, and other courses that target the development of the skills of the employee working with the public, including senior citizens and individuals with special needs. These initiatives help enhancing the employees’ skills, and equip them with the required tools for customer management despite their cultures, needs or personalities and under any pressure or behavior that might emanate from the customer.
Servicing mechanism
Al Humairi explained the steps of dealing with applicants through ‘Closer to You’ service via the allocated numbers for the service. “One of the employees heads to the home, work or hospital of the service applicant. However, some of the applicants who are covered by the service insist on coming to the department, where the service is provided to them in their own vehicles at their specialized parking lots by the employee who completes all the procedures of the service, and delivers it to the customers while they are in their vehicles” he added.
Future plan
Al Humairi also revealed a future plan for developing “Closer to You” service by working in the outer centers. The service delivery authority is granted to the employees of these centers, in addition to the main building, to ensure the maximum benefit of the service for the applicants living in outer areas of Al Ain city center. He noted that this is an alternative of limiting providing the service to the main building in order to save time and effort.
It’s noteworthy that The Residency and Foreigners Affairs Department in Al Ain inaugurated the Customers Service Lounge. The lounge enable customers to process their applications online as it is furnished with all technological equipment and other tools to facilitate processes. The lounge is an integrated platform providing photocopiers, fax, scanners and other equipment. This equipment will facilitate processes by saving time spent on photocopying and printing the required documents. Customers can obtain a copy of the procedures required for main and sub-services and print it for free.
The platform also provides access to the e-services of the Department for companies and governmental institutions that are registered and activated on (Fawri) system for companies. This system enables institutions and company owners to process applications, as it also enables other customers to print their applications via the new facility by logging in to www.moieserv.ae. This service is dedicated to printing residency and visa applications and other main and sub-services that are related to residency, entry permits, payment with credit cards, and direct application to the Department.
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