Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Abu Dhabi Community Police Educates 57,000 People about Safe Use of Social Networking

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Tuesday, March 29th 2016 [ME NewsWire]

More than 57,000 people benefitted from the “Optimal Use of the Internet” campaign launched by the Community Police Department at the Abu Dhabi Police with the participation of governmental and private entities.

Major Hamad Farhan Al Habbabi, Acting Chief of the Community Awareness Section at the Community Police Department praised the efforts exerted by the government agencies and private institutions that participated in the campaign. “Their awareness-raising momentum had a great impact on achieving the goals of the campaign in accordance with statistical follow-ups,” he said. Moreover, he described them as strategic partners in the field of security and community awareness.

Additionally, he stressed that the community involvement is one of the most important means that Community Police depends upon so as to achieve more successes. “Raising the awareness of the community is one of the strategic priorities of the Abu Dhabi Police, as well as one of the most important pre-emptive mechanisms for crime prevention,” pointed out Al Habbabi.

He said: “The campaign that covered the city of Abu Dhabi, the peripheral regions, Al Ain and the western region put forward a number of guidelines for the use of the internet, and targeted the youth in particular. It aimed to provide them with the necessary skills to safely use the Internet, as well as the precautions that they must take into consideration when posting personal information and pictures to avoid being misused.” The campaign also included guidelines for parents on how to monitor their children while using the Internet. He also pointed out that the campaign’s mechanisms focused on availing social networking sites, Twitter, and Instagram and featured lectures and the distribution of brochures and leaflets on the optimal and safe use of the Internet.

Moreover, he noted that the Emirates Transport Company in Abu Dhabi took part in the campaign by sending about two thousand awareness-raising text messages to its customers, namely students who ride school buses. “These messages contained tips for Internet users on protecting their privacy and their postings on the Internet from being misused,” he added. Deerfields Mall in Al Rahba participated in the awareness campaign through posters, banners and screens including awareness guidelines and tips about the safe use of the Internet.

On the same note, Major Al Habbabi said that Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) contributed to the campaign by putting awareness-raising and educational signboard that include guidelines and tips for the safe use of the Internet in nine service in the Western Region. The Western Region Municipality participated in the social networking campaign through 30 awareness-raising banners that have been installed at intersections, sending awareness-raising messages to its customers via e-mail, as well as posting tips on roof of the offices for the municipality’s staff members. “The number of beneficiaries of the campaign through social networking sites reached 15,216 individuals,” he emphasized.

The General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments in the Western Region participated in the optimal use of the Internet campaign by organizing a short lecture after Friday prayers, along with awareness-raising sessions executed by Imams after Al Maghrib prayer.

The Community Awareness Branch in the western region also organized awareness-raising programs about the use of social networking sites, in addition to organizing awareness lectures at the university compound in the western region and some government departments. The branch also organized field visits to the citizens’ councils where the staff members educated the attendees about the proper ways of using social networking sites and how to monitor and guide their children when browsing sites, and avoid negative sites that contradict with the ethics and values ​​of the society.

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