Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Airwheel Enters Robot and Artificial Intelligence Business Globally

SANTA ANA, Calif. - Tuesday, March 29th 2016 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Airwheel, a leading smart transportation vehicle manufacturer, recently announced that the company will enter the robot and artificial intelligence business. The company launched Airwheel S9, a self-balancing wheeled service robot, at the recently concluded CeBIT in Germany, marking its first step in the artificial intelligence area.

Airwheel S9 can serve as a mobile robot base, as well as a smart transportation vehicle, and a mobile home monitor. Besides, it is highly scalable, ready to be connected to future extension devices in a cost-effective way.

“As an international company with a strong brand and a significant market share, Airwheel plans to extend its reach to personal companion, household services, smart home appliances, etc. in the future. This is how we will carry on the company, which is also in line with the trend of a smarter society,” said Zuo Guogang, CEO of Airwheel. “However, we will not launch new products in haste before the related technologies mature. We’ll play it safe, being responsible for both our customers and shareholders.”

In terms of smart transportation vehicles, Airwheel has established itself as a global leader, with 100+ patents and 70+ certifications worldwide. Its long-term strategic partners include Sony, Panasonic, Google and Qualcomm. The brand has been registered in the world’s 168 countries, enjoying an especially high reputation in Northern Europe and part of Western Europe.

Along with Airwheel S9, the company also recently launched five new portable smart transportation vehicles, which are regarded as trend-setting products in terms of design and safety performance. As an extension of Airwheel’s existing product line, these products boasting extraordinary safety, endurance and individual features fully convey the company’s dedication to details, material application, function design and safety design.

“Compared with traditional vehicles such as bicycles and automobiles, self-balancing electric vehicles are less popular, but with advantages in creativity and experience, they also appeal to customers who are open to new ideas. We hold full confidence in the market potential,” said Zuo.

Entering the new era of Airwheel 2.0, Airwheel will focus on products in four categories, namely portable smart transportation vehicles, smart underwater vehicles, smart air vehicles and service robots.


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