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#Wba’den_Wayak Hashtag Witnesses a Significant Public Interaction

Via Social Networking Sites

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Tuesday, January 19th 2016 [ME NewsWire]

The hashtag #Wba’den_Wayak (#Come_On) has witnessed significant public interaction from thousands of individuals via the Ministry of Interior’s various accounts on social media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google +.

The Security Media Department at the Security Support Directorate General, the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, had recently launched an awareness initiative using the hashtag #Wba’den_Wayak (#Come_On) through social networking sites. The initiative is inspired by bad behaviors and daily traffic violations repeatedly committed by individuals and drivers on various internal and external roads, in order to enhance public awareness and traffic safety.

First Lieutenant Fatima Al Shehhi, Director of the Social Media Center at the Security Media Department, noted that the hashtag was trending on Twitter and took the 5th place over the course of eight consecutive hours, and garnered a remarkable public interaction on other sites. She said that social media users praised the initiative and described it as an innovative, creative, simple and humorous experience that reaches out to all segments of society.

First Lieutenant Al Shehhi explained that the Security Media Department has decided to create a hashtag that boasts a local Emirati style and a purposeful social sense of humor. She noted that the hashtag #Wba’den_Wayak (#Come_On) is not just intended for citizens, but reaches out to all segments of society, including residents of all nationalities and cultures.

The hashtag #Wba’den_Wayak (#Come_On) was well acclaimed and received quite positive feedback and reviews from local media. Mr. Mohammed Yousuf Al Yousuf, Chairman of UAE Journalists Association, hailed the initiative being implemented by the Security Media. “The initiative represents another addition to the myriad distinguished efforts exerted by the police bodies, to promote traffic awareness and deliver it to all segments of society,” he said.

Mr. Yousuf stressed that using social media to deliver awareness campaigns and reach out to the young generation can help get them engaged and better involved.  He expressed his hope for these campaigns to achieve positive results and reflect on young people’s behavior while using transportation means. He also called upon the youth to adhere to traffic laws, and advised them to avoid reckless driving to preserve their lives and the lives of others.

Meanwhile, Emirati writer and media figure Fadheela Al Muaini confirmed that traditional campaigns, which only remind the youth of the law and the related penalties, may not succeed or yield the coveted objectives. She underlined the need to reach out to the youth in ways that appeal to them and using unconventional tools; such as the hashtag, which addresses the youth, who are the largest segment of individuals that tend to violate traffic laws; and are the key pillars of building and development. She expressed her hope to see this hashtag trend amongst the youth, and reflect positively on them; “thanks to the valuable information, which is being presented to them by their peers, which makes it even more acceptable to them,” she noted.

Adding further, Al Muaini said: “The success of this campaign stems from the fact that it was given a young spirit using unconventional methods. Violators themselves will be able to discuss the violations and offer the appropriate solution in a transparent manner.” In conclusion, she explained that the hashtag is not only designed for Emiratis and Arab nationals; it is a tool that reaches out to all nationalities in their own language, in order to achieve the intended goal.

For his part, Rashid Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Head of the Al Khaleej Newspaper Office in Al Ain, praised the valuable efforts exerted by the Ministry of Interior in all areas, as they seek to raise awareness on the negative behaviors and the potential risks they cause; notably the traffic behaviors that are highlighted by the hashtag #Wba’den_Wayak (#Come_On). The hashtag sheds the light on the different risks of traffic violations in a light humoristic way, which reaches out to all segments of society from all walks of life and nationalities in a sophisticated manner.

Al Nuaimi praised the experience of the Security Media and its efforts in launching this hashtag on social media, as a tool to spread awareness tips and advice in a sophisticated modern way. The initiative aims to shed the light on reckless behaviors that are of concern to other road users, which are exercised unintentionally without knowledge of the risks involved.

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