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ITWORX Education announces the launch Of WinjiGo e-learning platform at BETT 2016

LONDON - Thursday, January 21st 2016 [ME NewsWire]

In its mission to bring transformative change in the education landscape through technology, ITWORX Education, a leading education services and software solutions provider, and a division of Cairo-based ITWORX, backed by EuroMena, has announced the launch of WinjiGo, its latest groundbreaking proprietary e-learning platform at BETT 2016, the leading Ed-tech exhibition and conference in the EMEA region being held in London from January 20 to January 23.

WinjiGo, an online platform, enables an unlimited learning experience for individuals across the globe. Designed as an immersive and interactive learning experience, the platform is equipped with a set of rich features including course planning, a gamified learning experience for formative and summative assessment, self-assessment, social communities, and virtual classrooms. It integrates with Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage services for file accessibility anywhere in the world.

Teachers can access WinjiGo through simple registration steps, and with a few clicks they can custom-build their courses and sessions, as well as enrich them with learning resources and activities, all centralized in one place. Through the social network-like course wall, learners and teachers can also conduct open knowledge exchange discussions to hone and continuously develop critical thinking and learning based on students’ changing needs and capabilities.

Teachers can raise students’ engagement and motivation by designing courses with a game-like learning experience, rewarding students with badges for academic and non-academic achievements such as team spirit and leadership. The platform is a place through which teachers can help students develop necessary 21st Century skills and increase their collaboration and critical thinking by applying modern teaching techniques such as inquiry-based learning. Moreover, file-based assignments, auto-graded quizzes and practice questions allow teachers to conduct ongoing assessments and evaluations of this progress in a seamless process. As such, WinjiGo also allows educational institutions to track and manage teaching and learning activities through student progress trend analysis, and to identify and capitalize on the most effective activities. Additionally, institutes that are already using, or interested in using, Office 365 will be able to capitalize on their investments with WinjiGo which extends and elevates the educational value.

Commenting on the launch of the e-learning platform, Mr. Hatem Sallam, CEO of ITWORX Education, said:

“‘Winji’ translates to ‘Star’ in the Nubian language of southern Egypt, and WinjiGo portrays the idea that “everyone can be a star”, through an online platform that empowers both learners and teachers in a collaborative environment. As is the case with any industry in today’s globalized knowledge-sharing economy, education is no longer a one-way street. We believe students need to be actively involved in their learning experience as much as those who teach them; which is why WinjiGo is, first and foremost, a social space designed for collaborative learning.”

Sallam added: “But beyond tech-rich features, WinjiGo serves a deeper-layered humanitarian mission as part of a cross-border education solution that has broken barriers of access, connectivity and infrastructure for underserved and displaced refugees across the world. It has played a central role in ITWORX Education’s development of an innovative and holistic e-learning solution for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon, our first pilot project of the sort to have marked remarkable success in late 2015”.

Indeed, WinjiGo was central to the success of ITWORX Education’s successful Syrian refugee pilot project in Lebanon, a non-traditional educational initiative built around movable technology, designed to provide extended access to self-learning opportunities that curtail typically hefty public and private investments into the traditional infrastructure of formal education and that address the needs, challenges and potential of Syrian refugees. The pilot project marked ITWORX Education’s first successful virtual schooling experience in September 2015 with the Saad Nayel School, located in a refugee camp in the Lebanese city of Chtaura, near the Syrian borders.

Powered by WinjiGo, the Syrian refugee project marks the first of many future initiatives led by ITWORX Education under its “School without Borders” mission.


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