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ADP Arrest the “Electric Cables” Gang

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Friday, January 22nd 2016 [ME NewsWire]

The Abu Dhabi police managed to arrest an Asian gang composed of 6 Pakistani workers for stealing 1900 meters of copper electric cables in Al Faya region, Abu Dhabi, in order to illegally sell them as scrap parts. 

Officers from the Al Rahba Police Station at the Abu Dhabi Police proactively arrested the suspects red-handed, as they were attempting to cut and steal the cables belonging to a government installation and were arranging to load them on a four-wheel drive vehicle. All of the stolen items were recovered.

Major Mohammed Abdullah Al Hassani, Director of Al Rahba Police Station at the Peripheral Areas Police Directorate, indicated that security patrols were recently deployed and search and investigation teams were formed in response to confirmed information from a reliable source, about attempts to steal power cables in the areas of jurisdiction.

He added: “A deliberate security plan was developed, in coordination between Al Rahba and Suwaihan Police Stations in order to monitor the targeted areas and arrest the suspects involved in such practice, which is a cause of concern for residents and undermines the basic components of national economy.” He pointed out that the investigation patrols managed in a short period of time to arrest the gang, which was making plans to carry out their theft this month under cover of darkness.

Elaborating on the details of the incident, Major Al Hassani said: “A total of 6 suspects have been arrested in a surprise raid. The suspects attempted to flee the scene and resisted arrest, but the security personnel managed to control and apprehend them.”

“Upon arriving to the scene, the police teams found cables cut into pieces and arranged to be loaded onto the suspects’ vehicle. Preliminary inspection showed that the cables were cut using technical methods and traditional tools such as scissors, saws, and screwdrivers,” he noted.

Moreover, Major Al Hassani explained that the stolen items, which are 1900 meters of copper cables, belong to a government installation and include both low-pressure and high-pressure cables. He added that after examining the traces, the police staff members noted that the cables have been pulled by the gang members using a four-wheel drive vehicle belonging to one of the suspects.

Confronted with irrefutable evidence, the thieves, aged between 19 and 38 years, confessed to forming a gang and carrying out the thefts after to steal power cables and selling them to make illegal profits. The suspects have been referred along with the seized cables to the competent authorities to further investigate the circumstances of the case.

The Director of Al Rahba Police Station called upon both public and private sector enterprises to exercise caution and protect their properties by securing their premises headquarters properly, by installing surveillance cameras, adequate lighting and security methods. He also stressed the importance of reporting illegal infringements, which would contribute to quickly arrest suspects.

In conclusion, Major Al Hassani praised the efficiency of police staff members in arresting the gang members, after intensifying search and investigation despite the difficulties surrounding the operation and the extreme caution of the suspects. He also called upon individuals and institutions to join efforts in order to reduce similar crimes and confirmed the importance of establishing community partnership to provide maximum levels of safety and security to community members. This falls in line with the Abu Dhabi Police’s strategy, which has set forth a number of priorities, notably to prevent and reduce crime in order to protect the country’s security, stability, and resources.

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