Wednesday, January 20, 2016

NYIF Partners With Exchange Experts to Advise Emerging and Frontier Markets

NEW YORK - Tuesday, January 19th 2016 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The New York Institute of Finance announced today that it is partnering with the Global Markets Advisory Group to offer comprehensive consulting services to financial regulators, exchange operators and market participants in emerging and frontier markets.

GMAG, a consortium of former senior exchange and finance executives from the New York Stock Exchange, the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation and large broker dealers, has decades of first-hand experience in all aspects of trading and exchange operations. NYIF, an industry leader in finance-related training, offers advanced certificate programs for industry participants looking to improve their knowledge and hone their skills.

The partnership between NYIF and GMAG can help market participants unlock foreign capital by upgrading and standardizing their market and trading infrastructures. “Investors aren’t bound by geography anymore,” said Louis Pastina, a member of GMAG, and the former NYSE executive in charge of trading operations. “Emerging and frontier markets that want to attract foreign direct investment and to be an attractive source of local liquidity need to think about adopting and implementing global best practices.”

GMAG and NYIF offer a turn-key consulting services for emerging market participants, from regulators to exchange operators to broker-dealers. Combining GMAG’s extensive experience in operating and regulating markets with NYIF’s unparalleled experience in financial markets training, the partnership between GMAG and NYIF can help market participants:

    Implement recognizable global standards for accounting, listing, trade execution, clearance and settlement, and licensure of market participants.
    Create legal and regulatory structures that can support trading of equities, options, fixed income, and derivatives.
    Upgrade their market infrastructure to support robust trading and market surveillance.
    Develop linkages to global markets
    Establish relationships with global capital market participants and investors
    Build financial literacy among local populations in order to flush out capital that is currently invested in the informal economy but could be redirected to retail investment

Lee Arthur, NYIF’s Managing Director said, “We are extremely excited to offer GMAG’s services to our clients, because it lets them combine NYIF’s best-in-class finance training with practical customized solutions that puts what they have learned into action.”

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