Sunday, November 22, 2015

TechSoup Launches First Fully Global Tech Donation Platform

Social benefit organizations in every corner of the world can now harness the profound power of technology for greater impact

SAN FRANCISCO - Thursday, November 19th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- TechSoup announced today the launch of TechSoup.Global, the world’s first fully global technology donation platform designed to reach social benefit organizations in 236 countries and territories. Already serving more than 1 million registered users, and 90+ corporate donors, the US$5.5 billion technology philanthropy program will now provide inclusive access to donated technology for eligible social benefit organizations (SBOs) around the world.

"It's simple: we otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford software for the new machines and training center," says the director of Learn to Earn. One of thousands of organizations served by TechSoup’s partner in South Africa, Learn to Earn works to eradicate unemployment. Through their centers, they have trained 9,000 people with market-relevant skills and successfully transitioned nearly 7,000 into jobs. TechSoup has supported more than 50,000 organizations like Learn to Earn. Visit for hundreds of stories about how technology accessed through TechSoup has helped organizations improve life locally.

Initially offering donated Microsoft products, the new platform, TechSoup.Global, will soon have offers from other technology donors. TechSoup, itself a nonprofit, develops related educational resources such as webinars and peer-to-peer events and other value-added services to help meet the unique challenges of SBOs. TechSoup supports its operations from a combination of grant income and by collecting a small administrative fee from organizations requesting products.

Rebecca Masisak, CEO of TechSoup, commented: "The launch of TechSoup.Global is a pivotal step in helping the world’s estimated 10 million social benefit organizations gain visibility and connect with support critically needed for their missions and communities. The platform, operated in partnership with the TechSoup Global Network, enables a unique capacity for innovation and the co-design of locally relevant, globally scaled programs that strengthen impact on the ground."

"We are thrilled to support TechSoup and expand our nonprofit technology offerings to nonprofit organizations around the world," said Jane Meseck, Director of Technology for Good at Microsoft. "Technology can be a powerful force that empowers nonprofits to achieve more for the people and communities they serve."

TechSoup.Global is built on a unique combination of human and technical capabilities. The platform operates around a comprehensive set of legal definitions determining what it means to be an SBO in each country around the world. The TechSoup Global Network ( is the backbone of this truly global offering. Each of TechSoup’s 63 global partners is a leading civil society capacity-building organization in its region. The global partners manage the TechSoup technology program and add their own range of additional technology-for-good programs — from app development challenges to mobile phone recycling and refurbishment.

TechSoup Reach and Impact

    Technology Donations Program
        More than 160,000 donations processed annually
        Average savings of US$17,000 for nonprofits to reinvest in mission-critical programs
        Nearly 700 organizations a day register with TechSoup
        US$5.5 billion savings to the global social sector since program inception
        15.9 million donations distributed since program inception
        83 percent of organizations served report an increase in organization efficiencies through use of TechSoup resources
    TechSoup’s Global Reach
    690,000 NGOs across the globe
    More than 1 million registered users
    236 countries and territories
    63 partner organizations
    100+ local events, webinars and trainings each year

To see how nonprofits across the world have benefited from TechSoup, check out

About TechSoup

However you do good in the world, there’s something for you at TechSoup TechSoup provides the transformative technology solutions, the digital platforms, and the in-person experiences that enable people to work together toward a more equitable world.

The TechSoup Global Network operates the world’s only fully global technology philanthropy program. TechSoup’s Validation Services helps connect philanthropy and giving with vetted information on 690,000+ NGOs in 236 countries and territories. TechSoup’s online and offline resources engage a community of experts to enhance connections, education and impact in the global social sector.

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