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Murex Deployment and Support Solutions: Reducing your TCO and accelerating time to market

Introducing MX.3 TEM: delivering quality and operational efficiency

PARIS - Thursday, November 26th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Murex, the leading provider of integrated trading, risk, and back-office solutions, is delighted to announce the new release of MX.3 Testing and Environment Management (TEM).

Efficient testing is a critical success factor in ensuring high-quality cost-efficient delivery in platform implementation, upgrade and production. MX.3 TEM takes test definition and execution a step further by providing a full suite of services enabling our clients to set up an efficient and secure environment.

The MX.3 Testing solution enables clients to accelerate their test design and analysis phases, smoothly integrate them in existing test management systems, and automate test execution. The solution features a library of customizable test cases that can be reused across environments and easily upgraded across MX.3 releases. Environment Management considerably improves test instances’ management and synchronization, and includes data masking facilities to secure sensitive data, in compliance with internal policies and new regulations.

Stella Clarke, Murex Chief Marketing Officer, comments: “Our mission is to deliver value to our clients by optimizing each step of the MX.3 delivery chain. MX.3 TEM contributes to accelerating the continuous introduction of new business and regulatory requirements, significantly reduces MX.3 upgrade time, and creates a safe framework for sensitive data transfer amongst departments.”

Fethi M JERIDI, Senior Program Manager at Saudi British Bank, adds: "We are using MX.3 TEM for all our production releases including binary upgrades and introduction of new business functions. It has significantly improved the quality of our deliveries and reduced risk of change to a minimum. We gained efficiency by reducing by 65% our testing workload, not to mention the business benefits of increasing the release cycle control."

Currently live at 25 client sites, MX.3 TEM has demonstrated its effectiveness in eliminating the burden of redundant tasks and error-prone manual processes and reducing testing time and resource costs in both change-the-bank and run-the-bank programs.

MX.3 TEM is part of Murex’s Deployment and Support Solutions, a full suite of tools and services, from implementation through to upgrades, support and knowledge transfer. At every step of the way, dedicated Murex teams, backed by a wide network of trained partners, help clients maximize the benefits of their MX.3 platform and reduce their TCO.

About Murex

Since its creation in 1986, Murex has played a key role in proposing effective technology as a catalyst for growth and innovation in capital markets, through the design and implementation of integrated trading, portfolio management, risk management, processing and post-trade platforms. Driven by innovation, Murex’s MX.3 Front-to-Back-to-Risk platform leverages the firm’s collective experience and expertise, accumulated through its strategic client partnerships, to offer an unrivalled asset class coverage and best-of-breed business solutions at every step of the financial trade lifecycle. Clients worldwide benefit from the MX.3 platform’s modular set of business solutions, specifically designed to solve the multi-faceted challenges of a transforming financial industry, while relying on the strength of 2,000 dedicated specialists.

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