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Police College Organizes the First Scientific Forum on Knowledge Sharing and Dissemination in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Saturday, November 21st 2015 [ME NewsWire]

Participants in the inaugural scientific forum, which was recently organized by the Postgraduate Studies Department at the Police College under the theme «Police Knowledge Sharing and Dissemination», called for implementing critical knowledge management, which rely on the knowledge base, in order to bring added value for the security institution’s smart work approach and to achieve excellence in the services it provides.

Participants emphasized that systematic knowledge management operations include the following elements: diagnosis, acquisitions, generating, storing, development, distribution and application of knowledge available to the security institution. It aims to  encourage the institution to maximize investment in the available intellectual capital, (attract, activate, create and retain this capital), to disseminate  knowledge, and employ it efficiently in all areas of community activity, with the aim of establishing a knowledge-based society, which yields positive impacts on everyone who lives in the UAE community, in terms of security and safety.

Within the discourse of the forum, participants noted that knowledge sharing  aims to acquire knowledge or produce new knowledge and an added-value using the tools, means and applications of  knowledge initiatives, such as (“Knowledge e-portal and Share my Knowledge). It also aims to store knowledge in the security institution, in order to implement it in various operations and achieve strength, excellence and leadership.

They also noted that the main objective of the Postgraduate Studies Department at the College is to create a serious knowledge; to be subsequently disseminated and shared with the relevant departments at the Ministry of Interior. This would contribute to solving the practical problems faced by these departments, improving performance; raising production efficiency, and enhancing the methodology of the Department of Education at the college, to produce the necessary knowledge for future officers, which combines theoretical and practical aspects.

Participants also emphasized that the Police College enjoys a distinguished leading, educational and training cadre that represents a human capital, which enhances its intellectual and knowledge-based capital.

They also recommended organizing an annual scientific conference at the college, in order to share and disseminate knowledge with similar colleges regionally and internationally.

The first scientific forum began its activities with a speech by Colonel Khaled Abdullah Al Khouri, Police College Deputy Director, by which he said that the concept of knowledge has witnessed an unprecedented qualitative and quantitative evolution in the countries of the region. “Such evolution did not come by chance; it is the result of the vision and wisdom of our supreme leadership and its continuous support for education and training, as the most important components of progress and development.

Colonel Al Khouri added that the big changes taking place in administrative institutions and organizations, particularly in police institutions, have prompted them to seriously seek to become knowledge-based institutions; that are aligned with the directives of the Higher Leadership , which calls for enhancing information and knowledge, and improving the knowledge pool, to develop the skills, information and knowledge in a way that reflects positively on the quality of services provided to the public.

Colonel Al Khouri also emphasized that the forum aims to identify knowledge-based initiatives to ensure a continuous transfer of expertise amongst employees, and to invest this expertise to develop performance and promote the efforts of the Knowledge Department at the Ministry of Interior. It also aims to highlight the role of the Police College in disseminating and sharing knowledge with other institutions, as well as the role of the Postgraduate Studies Department as a model of knowledge dissemination.

Following the opening speech, the forum sessions began with two work sessions. As a part of the first session, three papers were presented and discussed. The first paper discussed the role of the Postgraduate Studies Department at the Police College in disseminating police knowledge, and was presented by Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Nasser Mohammed Al Bakr, Head of the Postgraduate Studies Department and Public Law Professor at the Police College. The second paper discussed the intellectual capital and its role in boosting the competencies of staff members at the Ministry of Interior. It was presented by Dr. Khalid Mohammed Bani Hamdan, Associate Professor in Business Administration and Human Resources Management at the Postgraduate Studies Department at the Police College.

The third paper was presented by Dr. Faleh Abdul Qadir Houri, Training Expert and Administrative and Strategic Development Advisor. Houri tackled the importance of knowledge sharing in achieving an added-value in the level of police services.

In the second work session, two papers were presented and discussed. The first paper addressed the subject of knowledge dissemination and its role in promoting security services at the Ministry of Interior. It was presented by Dr. Bilal Khalaf Alsakarneh, Associate Professor in Administration and Crisis Management for the Postgraduate Studies program at the Police College. The second paper was presented by Dr. Ghassan Issa Alomari, Associate Professor in Administration, Knowledge Management and Information Technology, who addressed the subject of knowledge management operations to achieve excellence in the delivery of police services in the United Arab Emirates.

Towards the end of the forum, Colonel Khaled Abdullah Khouri, Police College Deputy Director, honored the participating lecturers, and  honored Sergent  Nayef Hassan Al Shaer in recognition of his excellence in performing his duties.

The forum was attended by heads of departments, chiefs of sections, faculty members and a number of officers at the Police College.

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