Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Gang of Masked Thieves Caught After Stealing from Four Grocers in Al Ruwais, Liwa, and Ghayathi

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Sunday, May 24th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

The Western Region Police Directorate (Al Gharbia) arrested a gang of four masked thieves of Asian nationality. The thieves were arrested for stealing tens of thousands of Dirhams in cash and goods from four grocery stores in the Al Ruwais, Liwa, and Ghayathi regions in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi. The gang members additionally assaulted the workers at the grocers by threatening them with a knife, and restricting their freedom to move by tying them with plastic zip ties.

Brigadier Ojeil Ali Abdullah Al Junaibi, Director of the Western Region Police Directorate, explained that the directorate had received a number of reports regarding armed robberies early this year. During the initial location investigations, the police discovered that the gang would wait until after midnight to enter their targeted shops. It was also revealed that the gang would arm themselves with sharp objects before robbing the victims and the shops.

“The perpetrators would break into the homes of the grocery store employees, which were near the grocery stores, and threaten them with knives. At the time, the perpetrators were unidentifiable due to their masks and gloves,” he said. “One of the victims was seriously wounded from the knives, which is an attempted murder. After tying the victims up, the thieves then stole their cash and personal belongings.”

Brigadier Al Junaibi added that the suspects forcefully stole the keys to the grocery stores; of which they used to enter the grocery stores to steal what money was available and to loot and scatter the goods inside. They would then return to the homes of the victims to throw the keys in front of the suspects before fleeing.

Brigadier Al Junaibi said: “A police team established a plan that resulted in the successful arrest of the gang members and of retrieving the stolen items.” He continued by describing how the police team caught the suspects by surprise, and following interrogations, the Asian suspects confessed to their roles in the crimes. The gang, comprised of two drivers and two workers, admitted to being involved in the frequent thefts during questioning. “The crimes were planned in advance, as the gang would assemble prior to implementing their illegal plans to prepare their necessary tools. After the robberies, the gang would divide the cash equally amongst themselves,” he said.

The gang was arrested and their case is referred to prosecution for further investigation.

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