Monday, May 25, 2015

Dubai Based ZipIt Provides Business Users A Simple and Secure Service For Sharing Large Documents, Files And Folders

Easy-to-use service provides an English and Arabic user interface with customization

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Wednesday, May 20th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

ZipIt, a web-based file-sharing service that allow businesses to share files easily and securely, announced its official launch today. With ZipIt, businesses can share files among their employees, clients, and customers using a variety of features found on more expensive solutions, like front-end customization, file and folder sharing with an English or Arabic user interface. ZipIt is also available as standalone software that can be installed at the office for a completely private file-sharing solution.

“ZipIt allows the sharing of files as large as 5GB and it provides bi-lingual support for Arabic, something that is a first for the region. And one of the best features of ZipIt is that you can share entire folders via email with your customers instead of individual files” says Mr. Ali Adeel, ZipIt’s Marketing Manager. He added, “ZipIt is very easy to use and its user interface is very intuitive.”

 “ZipIt has been a lifesaver for us. We need to share large files frequently with our customers and internationally located services were just not working out. Initially we used the ZipIt hosted service but as the volume increased, we installed ZipIt on a server in-house and now our clients are able to give feedback immediately and upload their changes” said the Managing Director of a Media organization in Dubai Media City.

ZipIt is more than just a file sharing service. It is being used as a way for marketing companies to share their branding information with their clients and printing companies instead of mailing large graphic files. Medical organizations are using it for sharing confidential information with other service providers. Architects and consultants are using it for sending large CAD files to clients, suppliers and each other.

ZipIt is backed by exceptional customer support that is available via phone or email 24x7x365 in Dubai. ZipIt offers three tiers of very reasonably priced usage packages to meet the needs of the market. For more details, please visit

ZipIt is a venture of Managed FZ LLC, a Dubai Internet City Company.  Managed is a provider of innovative solutions in Managed Security, Cloud Based Services and Infrastructure Monitoring Services. Managed’s customer base includes Government organizations, telecom operators, aviation, media and news organizations. Managed’s obsessive focus on customer service is built around its 24x7x365 NOC/SOC in Dubai, which provides proactive monitoring and client support services. For more information; please call +971 4 374-6220 or visit


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