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Security Media Department Intensifies Awareness against Begging

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Saturday, March 21st 2015 [ME NewsWire]

The Security Media Department at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior intensified its efforts to promote public awareness through social networking sites and via the different TV, radio and print media outlets in order to acquaint the public with the Ministry of Interior’s most recent campaign launched under the slogan “No to Begging”.

Colonel Saeed Al Khajah, Deputy Director of the Security Media Department, indicated that begging is a societal scourge that detracts from the civilized image of any society and is considered a kind of swindling and fraud. “Many beggars use various methods to garner community members’ sympathy. They have potential for fraud, and are out to cheat people and cash in on their generosity,” he said.            

He also stressed the Security Media Department’s keenness to fighting all forms of nefarious phenomena that tarnish the civilized and bright image of the country through a clear methodology and contemporary media message that keeps pace with the developments taking place in the country, in a bid to promote prevention efforts and contribute to establishing security and stability in society.

Adding further, Colonel Al Khajah said:”The ‘No to Begging’ campaign has been launched in accordance with a carefully designed media plan through various media outlets (print, TV and radio), and social media websites, which have become the most influential tool in the fight against the various negative phenomena; with the aim of finding appropriate solutions to these challenges; achieving the highest level of interaction in addressing this societal scourge; boosting security education among the public and raising their awareness about the risks of interacting with beggars”.

For his part, First Lieutenant Mubarak Al Mansouri, Media Campaigns Branch Manager at the Security Media Department, noted that an awareness media plan has been established under the slogan ‘No to Begging’ and is being implemented through the various media outlets, websites, and social networking sites. “The plan has focused on spreading awareness among the public, urging them to avoid sympathizing with beggars, and reporting all kind of beggars through the Aman Service. The department has also cooperated with the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments in order to warn the public against the risks of indulging beggars through the Friday prayers sermons (Khutbah). People were also acquainted with the proper means and communication channels to report beggars. Sorry tales and methods used by a number of beggars who enter the country either illegally or under the pretext of tourism, have also been published in order to prevent the spread of this scourge,” he said.

For her part, First Lieutenant Fatima Al Shehhi, Director of the Social Media Center at the Security Media Department, indicated that the center provides intensive media material via the Ministry of Interior’s pages on social media as a part of the ‘No to Begging’ campaign. She added that this material focuses on raising public awareness regarding the risks of begging and the negative effects on various segments of society. She also noted that the center posts extensive tweets via Twitter, as well as awareness messages and announcements via Facebook, Google plus, Instagram, and YouTube that witnessed significant interaction from visitors and interested parties.

Moreover, First Lieutenant Al Shehhi emphasized social networking sites’ valuable  role in supporting the efforts carried out by the security authorities at all levels, and is currently considered an essential awareness-raising tool aimed at protecting society from all types of crimes and their risks. “Social media is an instrumental tool to boost awareness among different segments of society and age groups and to shift mindsets and inspire behavioral change in society. Social media is also a powerful societal development tool that supports the efforts of the Security Media Department in enhancing the security and safety journey of the country,” added First Lieutenant Al Shehhi.

For her part, Alia Al Rumaithi, Radio Branch Manager at the Security Media Department, the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, said that the branch has focused on the radio listeners category and provided them with a set of awareness messages broadcasted via the various radio stations across the UAE in a bid to acquaint the public with the campaign, its objectives, and the means to deal with beggars. She added that the branch also dedicated special attention to engaging community members in the fight against this societal scourge and acquainting them with beggars’ fraudulent means and methods; stressing that “The public is the police’s essential partner in the fight against all forms of crime.”

It is worth mentioning that the TV Branch at the Security Media Department has implemented a number of innovative and creative awareness-raising advertisements, via Emirati TV channels, and through giant screens in shopping malls. These ads are intended to reach the various community segments and age groups. The Press Branch continues to publish news articles and investigative releases, as well as conducting dialogues that focus on acquainting the public with the campaign and the various available channels of communication between the public and the police at the countrywide level. In order to report beggars in Abu Dhabi, community members are encouraged tocall the Police Operations Room on  999, or the Aman Service on 8002626. For other emirates, reports should be directed to the following: Dubai: 800243; Sharjah: 065632222; Ras Al Khaimah: 072053372; Ajman: 067401616; Umm Al Quwain: 999; and Fujairah: 092051100 or 092224411.   

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