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10 MoI Staff Achieve Ideal Mother Status for Excellence in Care and Work

Selected by the Emirates Women Police Association

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Sunday, March 29th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

The Emirates Women Police Association (EWPA) selected 10 female staff members from the UAE Ministry of Interior (MoI) and honored them as the “Ideal Mother”. This recognition was based upon their ability to achieve the optimal balance between home and work, despite the difficult and demanding nature of their work. The honored women have been able to raise their children with care, manage their family affairs, and excel at work.  

During the celebration held at the Police Officers Club, the EWPA presented the honorees with the Ideal Mother Award - an award that aims to further encourage the recipients to continuously exert such efforts in caring for their families and in taking care of their responsibilities both at home and work.

Major Amina Al Baloushi, Chairperson of the Emirates Women Police Association, said: “the Emirati woman is a role model for her ability to maintain the traditions and customs of the UAE all while she efficiently implements the duties and tasks that have been assigned to her.” She additionally spoke of the police leadership and for their consistent support and care provided for the EWPA in all activities and initiatives.

“Additional initiatives that have been previously introduced by the EWPA and supported by the police leaderships include: the Distinguished Military Family Award, the Ideal Mother Award, and the Distinguished Female Employee with Disabilities Award. All such initiatives aim to encourage the Emirati woman and to inspire her to put forth her creativity in an effort to participate in the construction of the country,” she said.

During the ceremony, the EWPA renewed its commitment and loyalty to the UAE and to the higher leadership; and vowed to remain a fortress and protect the achievements of the country while elevating the levels of performance in order to further promote the civilized image and positive reputation that the UAE embodies in all international forums.

The EWPA expressed the joy of its members for Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak Chairwoman of the General Women's Union, Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation, and Chairwoman of Motherhood, Childhood Supreme Council, for being named the ‘Mother of Arabs’; as the title comes as the culmination of the values of philanthropy and charity work that extend beyond all boundaries and are not limited by restrictions.

Major Al Baloushi added: “The influential and prominent role that Her Highness plays in the promotion of  child welfare and motherhood is one that we will never forget. She has enabled the women of the UAE and of the Arabic world to participate in human development and to extend a helping hand to the world’s destitute and distressed peoples. We will not forget, and will steadfastly bear witness to the distinctive status that Her Highness holds in the hearts of citizens of the UAE and in the hearts of entire Arab world.”

Al Baloushi spoke of excellence and the role of women working in the Ministry of Interior, and said: “Women endure professional and humanitarian responsibilities as a mother, as an educator, and as a wife. She cares for her children and for their upbringing; she satisfies their needs and follows-up with all the minute details that life entails. She is capable of fulfilling her role at home without neglecting her career nor her professional duties.”

“This ability and roles of the woman, is what inspired us to begin observing the Ideal Mothers that work within the Ministry. We learned that their performance was a source of pride for them, and as such, these women performed exceptionally well in familial and societal obligations and perfectly embodied her role,” she said.

Major Al Baloushi emphasized that the EWPA continuously strive to develop its performance and structure in order to achieve the best goals in serving the members of the EWPA. The EWPA additionally seeks to provide the best practices and initiatives that aim to adopt ideas that will result to raising the level of the police female staff members.

The Chairperson of the EWPA handed the awards to the following winners: Hasnaa Nasser Muhammad Al Hajri, Mouna Abdullah Al Jabri, Nabeela Karimi, Badriah Ali Hasan Al Hosani, Rouda Arif Al Hassan, Fatima Saeed Salem Mubarak, Mariam Al Hamadi, Mouna Al Abdouli, Aisha Ahmed Saeed, and Munira Abdullah Al Baloushi.

The Ideal Mothers from the Ministry of Interior expressed their happiness for the recognition, which encourages them to exert further efforts in caring for their families and achieving excellence at work. Such efforts will lead to the further provision and development of police services, and will maintain the achievements of excellence that reflect the civilized image of the Emirati woman.

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