Saturday, February 28, 2015

AdVoice: Finally, a Mobile Advertising Solution That Generates Revenues for Mobile Operators

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Friday, February 27th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Revenues from the rapidly growing Mobile Advertising industry seem exclusively reserved for OTT Publishers, leaving Telco’s perform the role of that of a Carrier only. AdVoice enables Mobile Operators monetize advertising inventory that is truly theirs.

One such channel is the otherwise unutilized ringback tone. By serving Audio Ads to calling parties, Mobile Operators tap into a global market that generates a potential 12 billion ad impressions daily. This is three times the number of internet searches.

AdVoice links advertisers up with a captive audience that listens to ads whilst waiting for the call to be picked up. “Serving ads over the ringback tone has a wider reach than any other medium” says Bassim Haidar, Group CEO of ChannelVAS, adding that “the advertiser benefits include measurability, no wastage and lead generating capabilities as callers can express product interest by pressing an action key.”

Mobile Operators possess more consumer behavioral data than anyone else. Advoice’s Online Booking Portal, its Real Time Bidding, Profiling and Targeting capabilities facilitate MNO’s to capitalize on their consumer insights and be included into the Mobile and Digital Advertising ecosystem.

“AdVoice gives digital advertisers the opportunity to re-target our mobile users via multiple MNO-channels and generates revenues from sources other than our subscribers.” states the Marketing Manager of the first operator to launch this innovative platform, a group with a base of 200 million customers.

Commenting on the subscriber experience she says that: “Ads are relevant to the profile, cease to play the moment the call is answered and don’t, as such, prolong the wait. Furthermore, opt-in subscribers receive airtime rewards for facilitating ads to be served and we reserve 10 percent of the inventory for charity and humanitarian organisations to run awareness campaigns for free.”

AdVoice is offered as an end-to-end service and the company undertakes to handle the advertising sales, invoicing and payment collection. It has developed strong relationships with global and regional media agencies. According to George Saliaris from IPG Mediabrands, advertisers continually look at new ways to engage with their customers and rates AdVoice as an exciting new, one-on-one channel.

AdVoice is brought by ChannelVAS, a leading Mobile VAS company and the largest provider of Airtime Credit Services.



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