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Lenovo Embraces the AI PC Era with New ThinkCentre Desktops Powered by AMD Ryzen PRO 8000 Series Desktop Processors

 Next-generation business workhorses with AI capabilities ideal for even the most demanding modern workplaces

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Lenovo™ has unveiled a selection of ThinkCentre™ desktops powered by AMD Ryzen™ PRO 8000 Series desktop processors with up to 16 TOPS (trillion operations per second) of integrated NPU capability dedicated to process AI workloads, including the performance focused ThinkCentre M75t Gen 5, the flexible ThinkCentre M75s Gen 5, and the compact ThinkCentre M75q Gen 5. Designed to meet the diverse needs of modern business, the ThinkCentre M75 Gen 5 family of desktops harnesses the AI capability of its component while optimizing its energy efficiency to deliver impressive results.

“The AI PC era is already here and at Lenovo we are embracing it to unlock new possibilities,” said Sanjeev Menon, vice president and general manager, Worldwide Desktop Business in Intelligent Devices Group, Lenovo. “The need for businesses to integrate AI into their operations continues to grow and our ThinkCentre M75 family of desktops, with a strong and stable power supply, the ability to upgrade components when needed, and the space to expand memory and optimize thermal management are the ideal options to enhance productivity with AI without heavy investments. Lenovo and AMD have a long-standing partnership focused on delivering value to our customers and we know users will be delighted by the leap in performance of our new desktops.”

AI-Accelerated Performance

Designed for multitasking, the ThinkCentre M75t Gen 5 tower and ThinkCentre M75s Gen 5 small form factor desktops offer AI-accelerated power driven by an AMD Ryzen™ PRO 8000 Series desktop processor. Combined with an integrated graphics with AMD RDNA™ 3 technology, up to 64GB DDR5 (5600MHz) memory and up to 2 TB of Gen4 SSD storage1, both desktops deliver blazing speeds that makes them the ideal choice for daily commercial tasks like browsing, office, email, media and more, and to even breeze through even the most data-intensive tasks.

Smart and efficient, the ThinkCentre M75t Gen 5 and ThinkCentre M75s Gen 5 desktops become more dynamic thanks to Lenovo’s chip-level AI features, including power usage prioritization to allocate power to the correct apps when you need it, and an AI-driven fan that optimizes fan speed, so the system remains cool, and reduces noise levels. With Lenovo’s AI features, the desktops will maximize a video rendering software’s performance for content creators, increase fan speed during intense coding sessions, and even balance software performance when multitasking. The AI features continuously learn as you multitask, resulting in a smarter and more efficient workhorse as you use it.

For businesses needing expandability, both desktops offer a flexible expansion slot for hardware additions, nine USB ports for easy connectivity and the ability to support up to four independent compatible displays. Content creators, engineers, artists and those looking for more graphic options will delight in the ThinkCentre M75t Gen 5 tower desktop’s ability to host either an AMD Radeon™ RX 550 4G or AMD Radeon RX 6600LE graphic card.

Compact Performance

Compact enough to fit inside a shoe box, the ThinkCentre M75q Gen 5 is a tiny desktop with full-size performance designed to fit into virtually any location, including banking, healthcare and retail environments. Packing up to an AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 8700GE desktop processor, integrated graphics with AMD RDNA™ 3 technology and up to 64GB of dual-channel DDR5 (5200MHz) memory1, this desktop provides next-level performance while remaining small enough to hide behind a monitor.

Despite its miniature size, the ThinkCentre M75q Gen 5 is still expandable, customizable and easily upgradable. It supports seven USB connections, boasts two Gen 4 SSDs, has built-in driver support for older OS versions, can connect to three compatible displays for maximum multitasking and features toolless access to the SSD and memory module for easy expansion when needed (cards sold separately). For the most space-restricted environments, the ThinkCentre M75q Gen 5 can be mounted using a universal VESA mount to free up even more space.

Peace of Mind and Enhanced Security

The ThinkCentre M75 Gen 5 family of desktops offer more than reliable performance, they are eligible for optional Lenovo Premier Support Plus service, offering 24/7/365 peace of mind. Resolve issues quickly with easy break/fix support accessing Lenovo expert engineers for a seamless remote fix, boosting productivity and device longevity; receive proactive and preventive alerts before issues arise; benefit from next business day onsite labor and parts prioritization; enjoy Accidental Damage Protection for mishaps such as drink spills, and more.

For added security, the desktops are Secured-core PCs that come with the Microsoft Pluton security processor, offering the highest level of Windows protection. As a Windows Secured-core PC, the ThinkCentre M75 Gen 5 desktops aim to block physical attacks, protect down to the firmware level and offer extra security for even the most sensitive data.

The desktops are backed by Lenovo ThinkShield, a comprehensive end-to-end security solution that combines hardware and software to protect your data, comes with a dTPM 2.0 chip that encrypts passwords and data, a BIOS-based Smart USB protection and individual USB port disablement to help prevent unauthorized access via peripherals, and more. The ThinkCentre M75 Gen 5 family of desktops encourages businesses to innovate freely and explore the benefits of AI knowing that their data and information are protected.

Lenovo’s commitment to sustainability2 is also reflected in the lineup of ThinkCentre M75 Gen 5 desktops, with each system incorporating 85% and 95% PCC (Post-Consumer Content) plastic materials in the chassis and keyboard/mouse respectively. In addition to the use of recycled plastics, the packaging for the ThinkCentre M75 Gen 5 desktops features a thermal shell and bag made of 30% OBP (Ocean-Bound Plastic) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) carton that uses material from well-managed forests and recycled sources.

To enhance the capability of the ThinkCentre M75 Gen 5 desktops, Lenovo offers an optional Smart Cable for easy USB-A and USB-C® connection to peripherals and even another laptop or tablet. Through the Smart Cable, users can control two devices using a single keyboard, mouse, or touchpad, edit data and documents on each device and even share screens.

Pricing and Availability3

Lenovo ThinkCentre M75t Gen 5 will not be available in North America and will be available in select global markets.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M75s Gen 5 is now available May 2024 with an expected starting price of $709.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M75q Gen 5 is now available June 2024 with an expected starting price of $749.

About Lenovo

Lenovo is a US$62 billion revenue global technology powerhouse, ranked #217 in the Fortune Global 500, employing 77,000 people around the world, and serving millions of customers every day in 180 markets. Focused on a bold vision to deliver Smarter Technology for All, Lenovo has built on its success as the world’s largest PC company by further expanding into growth areas that fuel the advancement of ‘New IT’ technologies (client, edge, cloud, network, and intelligence) including server, storage, mobile, software, solutions, and services. This transformation together with Lenovo’s world-changing innovation is building a more inclusive, trustworthy, and smarter future for everyone, everywhere. Lenovo is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange under Lenovo Group Limited (HKSE: 992)(ADR: LNVGY). To find out more visit and read about the latest news via our StoryHub.

1 Actual available internal memory and storage capacity are less and vary due to many factors, including formatting, partitioning and operating system, etc., which utilize part of this capacity. The available capacity may change with software updates.

2 Full details of Lenovo’s commitment to sustainability found at

3 Prices may not include tax and do not include shipping or options and are subject to change without notice; additional terms and conditions apply. Reseller prices may vary. On-shelf dates and color options may vary by geography and products may only be available in select markets. All offers subject to availability. Lenovo reserves the right to alter product offerings, features and specifications at any time without notice.

4 Optional Features

5 EPEAT-registered where applicable — see for registration status by country.

6 Requires separately purchased Wi-Fi router and plan that may vary by location. Additional terms, conditions and/or charges apply. Connection speeds will vary due to location, environment, network conditions and other factors.

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