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Indri Becomes the Fastest Growing Single Malt Brand in the World: Sells Over One Hundred Thousand Cases in Its Second Year

 NEW DELHI - Saturday, 13. April 2024 AETOSWire Print 

Captures 30% Market Share in India With A Growth Of 599% Surpassing Global Giants

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Indri, India’s 1st and most awarded triple cask single malt, by Piccadily Distilleries, has further solidified India’s growth story with Indri-Trini becoming the ‘fastest growing single malt in the world ever’. No other single malt brand from Scotland, Japan, Taiwan or anywhere else in the world has ever been able to cross the hundred thousand (100 K) cases mark within two years of its launch. With this feat, Indri-Trini has shattered all expectations and broken into the elite club of top selling single malts in the world.

With an unprecedented growth rate of 599% compared to last year, Indri is not just breaking records; it's reinventing the game. Indri has trailblazed its way to capture 30% market share in India. Piccadily Distilleries, with its ambitious expansion plans, envisions becoming one of the top 5 selling single malt brand in the world.

Since its debut in November 2021, Indri’s brand journey from inception to this extraordinary milestone has witnessed over 25 global coveted accolades including 'Best Indian Single Malt' at prestigious competitions like the World Whisky Awards and the International Whisky Competition. With notable titles such as 'Asian Whisky of the Year' and a 'Gold Medal' at the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition, Indri has made India immensely proud on a global scale. Its crowning achievement came when its Indri Diwali Collector’s Edition was declared 'Best Whisky In The World' at the Whiskies of the World Awards, surpassing Scotch and American rivals. This success has not only elevated the brand but also bolstered the reputation of Indian whiskies internationally, sparking a surge in demand for premium Indian single malts.

The rise of Indri is indicative of a seismic shift in consumer behaviour and preferences with premium sprits leading the way. As per industry reports, Indian single malts have staged a coup, outpacing their Scottish counterparts with a staggering 144% surge in 2021-22 and the momentum is only building. Early estimates by the Confederation of Indian Alcoholic Beverage Companies (CIABC) indicate that Indian single malts commanded a jaw-dropping 53% of total sales in 2023, leaving imported brands trailing behind.

“In a market once dominated by imported labels, Indri stands tall as a beacon of Indian excellence. It's not just a brand; it's a symbol of national pride, elevating the status of Indian spirits to unparalleled heights. Indri isn't just leading the charge; it's leading a revolution,” said CEO, Piccadily Distilleries, Praveen Malviya.

As Indri continues to redefine the standards of Indian single malts, Piccadily Distilleries remains dedicated to pushing boundaries, exploring new horizons, and delivering exceptional experiences to whisky enthusiasts worldwide.

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