Friday, April 19, 2024

dataplor Announces Series A Funding Led by Spark Capital to Expand Global Location Data Intelligence

 With over 300 million places in its database from more than 200 countries and territories, dataplor is poised to further expand its position as the leader in providing international location data to the world’s leading enterprises

(BUSINESS WIRE)--dataplor, the leading provider of global location intelligence, today announced a $10.6 million Series A funding round led by Spark Capital. This round, which included participation from Quest Venture Partners, Acronym Venture Capital, Circadian Ventures, Two Lanterns Venture Partners and APA Venture Partners, will further accelerate dataplor’s ongoing expansion, building the most accurate, comprehensive and dynamically updated database of global Point of Interest (POI) data on the market.

Today, dataplor offers data coverage across more than 200 countries and territories, encompassing over 300 million locations and over 15,000 brands. Companies in industries including technology, mapping, search, third party logistics, consumer packaged goods (CPG), telecom, investing, real estate and finance rely on dataplor’s global, accurate coverage to power strategic decisions and investments. With this latest funding, dataplor is positioned to expand its worldwide coverage and continue building out its team.

“Our mission at dataplor has always been about unlocking the true potential of POI data, making it accessible and actionable at a global scale,” said Geoff Michener, CEO and founder of dataplor. “This funding validates our vision and market-leading product and empowers us to accelerate our efforts, driving growth while aligned to our core values of accuracy, quality and privacy.”

dataplor’s proprietary approach merges technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, LLMs, and a purpose built technology platform with a global team of expert human validators. This combination allows the company to gather accurate, deduplicated and verified location data while providing a framework for regular updates to the information to stay current.

“dataplor solves a critical gap for companies seeking to scale in international markets: accurate, actionable data that unlocks business opportunities,” said Alex Finkelstein, General Partner at Spark Capital. “We see a massive potential market opportunity ahead for dataplor, but we’ve also been impressed by their traction, winning dozens of Fortune 500 customers and growing revenue by an average of 2.5x year-over-year since 2020. We’re very confident in this company’s bright future.”

Finkelstein will join dataplor’s board of directors, which includes John Frankel, founding partner of ffVC.

In addition to receiving accurate, updated and global POI data coverage, dataplor’s customers also benefit from the company’s commitment to privacy. All of the information in dataplor’s datasets is gathered through direct contact with a business or through publicly available data; no personally identifiable information (PII) is used. This approach not only aligns with the company’s ethical commitments but also ensures dataplor’s customers won’t be burdened with any regulatory or legal repercussions.

About dataplor

dataplor is a leading geospatial data company that helps global enterprises grow abroad by mapping tough-to-reach markets with a privacy-first approach. As the majority of international location data is inaccurate and quickly out of date, dataplor goes several steps further than the industry standard to help the world’s largest companies in technology, mapping, search, third party logistics, consumer packaged goods (CPG), telecom, investing, real estate and finance understand intelligence about any commercial or physical location in the world, in real-time, to fuel expansion abroad.


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