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Hemohim, a Functional Food to Boost Immune System, Sparks Global Sensation

 (BUSINESS WIRE)--Hemohim is garnering remarkable popularity in the global market as Korea's one of the leading functional foods.

Hemohim is developed through an eight-year collaboration between Kolmar BNH (KOSDAQ: 200130) and the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, with an investment of KRW 5 billion. It was extracted from raw materials of angelica gigas, cnidium officinale, and paeonia japonica, which have been traditionally used in herbal medicine. Kolmar BNH performed tests on humans to confirm the safety and efficacy of its main ingredient, ‘HemoHIM Extract complex of Angelica gigas, etc.’, and was recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Korea in 2006 for its immune-boosting properties.

Distributed by Atomy, a customer of Kolmar BNH, Hemohim has sold over KRW 2 trillion worth of products in just 17 years since its launch, making it the nation’s best-selling individually approved health functional food. With strong demand from many countries like Australia, the US, and Thailand, Hemohim has expanded its global presence to over 20 countries.

Following a rigorous review process, Hemohim received approval from the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as the nation’s first individually approved health supplement product designed to enhance immune function.

Ranking the second-highest exported product after red ginseng in Korea, Hemohim is the leading individually approved health functional food ingredient. Kolmar BNH, propelled by Hemohim's success, was honored with the '200 Million Dollar Export Tower' at the 2021 'Trade Day' ceremony hosted by the Korea International Trade Association.

Kolmar BNH is making R&D efforts to sharpen its material competitiveness, as evidenced by the 'Hemohim Sustaining Technology Development Project.' After six years of endeavors, it obtained a fatigue recovery function last year, solidifying Hemohim's status as a dual-functional food with immune enhancement and fatigue recovery.

To further reach the European market, Kolmar BNH has developed HemohimG, tailored to suit European preferences in tastes and aroma. HemohimG is a product made for exports that follow the food regulations of each country. It is now poised for export to the UK and Turkey.

A Kolmar BNH official stated, "Hemohim represents Korea's top health functional food, backed by research capabilities and manufacturing prowess. After its success in Korea over the past 16 years, Hemohim is ready to leave its footprint on the global market."

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