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Distinguished Participation for the MoI at the Government Achievements Exhibition

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Tuesday, April 12th 2016 [ME NewsWire]

As a part of participation at the Dubai Government Achievements Exhibition (DGAE), the Ministry of Interior (MoI) showcases its distinguished smart e-projects. The exhibition commenced on Monday, at the Dubai World Trade Center.

The Ministry of Interior will be displaying a flurry of distinguished services, including the Smart Library Project; the Service Delivery Follow-up System Project; and the Smart Travel Project.

Colonel Nasser Khadem Al Ka’bi, Head of the Customer Service Department at the Ministry of Interior and Supervisor of the MoI pavilion said: “The ministry’s participation is in response to the directives of the police leadership. It embodies the UAE Vision 2021 via a distinguished world-class strategic platform, which will provide the appropriate channels to exchange expertise and to discuss innovation in government services and assess their widespread use among the public.”

Adding further, Colonel Al Ka;bi said: “The exhibition also serves as a hub to shed the light on the smart governance model and the MoI’s different services, maintain the ministry’s competitiveness and forward thinking on the international level, and adopt innovative and proactive ideas as part of the Ministry of Interior’s strategy. It will also shed the light on the most important innovative development projects of international standards and specifications.” He also noted that the exhibition will shed the light on the most important innovative development projects of international standards and specifications.

Colonel Al Ka’bi continued: “Through its pavilion at the exhibition, the Ministry of Interior will acquaint participants and visitors with its cutting-edge programs and projects. These projects include the Service Delivery Follow-up System Project at the Ministry of Interior, which allows officials to monitor and supervise staff members’ productivity and performance, to achieve customer satisfaction by organizing the flow of customers’ transactions at the centers and providing the services as fast as possible,” he explained. Moreover, Colonel Al Ka’bi explained that the system allows measuring service delivery indicators through the customers’ waiting time for less than 10 minutes, the service delivery average time, and the number of customers receiving the service in less than five minutes.

Colonel Al Ka’bi said that the project will be implemented as a first phase across 44 service centers at the Naturalization, Residency, Traffic, Licensing and Civil Defense sectors at the Ministry of Interior, and at the Comprehensive Police Stations at Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters.

Moreover, he noted that the visitors were acquainted with the ‘Smart Travel System’ at the MoI’s pavilion. The system allows travelers to enjoy a personal travel experience, by which they can quickly finalize their travel procedures from the moment they arrive to the airport and until they board the plane, through electronic gates. This program is a valuable and vital project that streamlines travel procedures.  It is one of the UAE's leading and unique projects worldwide.

He said: “The ‘Smart Travel System’ at Abu Dhabi International Airport allows travelers to enjoy a personal travel experience, by which they can quickly finalize their travel procedures from the moment they arrive to the airport and until they board the plane. The system allows travelers to check-in easily while they are waiting in front of the counter, receive their boarding pass, and then head straight to the e-gate to finalize their travel procedures without the hassle of visiting the passport control and waiting endlessly at the counter.”

Al Kaabi also indicated that the MoI pavilion’s visitors will also have the opportunity to learn about the Ministry of Interior’s Smart Library, which is considered the first of its kind in terms of harnessing modern technology in the area of sciences and spread of knowledge.

The smart library ( contains a wide variety of digital information sources, including approximately 14,000 e-books; 8,000 periodic scientific journals; more than 3,000 online newspapers that are updated every minute; and thousands of Master’s and Phd thesis and dissertations from across the world; in addition to digital solutions and smart audiovisual programs that support the expansion of knowledge or academic attainment for all MoI staff members.

Furthermore, he indicated that the smart library uses the latest and most advanced devices and equipment; with a rate of paper usage at 0%. He also listed the available services and said: “The library is a specialized information center providing reports and analysis for the benefit of decision-makers, in addition to specialized and high-efficiency techniques for summarization and translation. The library also uses the ‘pics for learning’ technique, by which images are used to reinforce learning (Data Visualization) in order to encourage reading”.

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