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Technology-Driven Quality Products – JAC Showcases Its Diverse Portfolio at Auto Shanghai

SHANGHAI - Tuesday, April 28th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

Auto Shanghai 2015

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- JAC has used Auto Shanghai 2015 as an opportunity to reveal several new passenger vehicles, including the company’s first ever originally-designed(it means the research follows the process of design, manufacture to the complete vehicles off line)purely electric sedan, the iEV5. Additionally, JAC has unveiled two new models to the global market in the A0 class A33 and the S2 SUV. The best-selling Chinese SUV, the S3, second-generation S5 and J4 were also unveiled on Monday. The entire suite of new vehicles reinforced the values that have made JAC a leading Chinese auto brand, namely integrity, quality, technology and life.

Passenger Vehicles: As a leading Chinese automobile company, JAC has been at the forefront of product research, technological innovation and green energy development. In recent years, JAC’s continuous technological advances have driven a range of high-tech, efficient, and intelligent car models. As a result, JAC is able to boast a diverse passenger vehicle portfolio at Auto Shanghai 2015. The iEV5 acts as a solid example, illustrating JAC’s innovation and breakthrough into the new energy-saving era; while the SUV S2 and A33 highlight JAC’s solid product strategy.

The iEV5 was born only after a seven-year period of research and development, and five generations of technology upgrades. The groundbreaking vehicle uses a state-of-the-art ternary battery that generates a maximum mileage of 240 kilometers.

JAC global debut vehicle SUV S2 is equipped with two power combination 1.5L+6MT and 1.5L+CVT, fully meeting the young customers’ car using demands. New A0 sedan A33 has provided new intelligent experience in information entertainment, active security, intelligent control and Internet of vehicles.

The JAC S3 and second generation S5 were also on show in Shanghai on Monday. JAC have sold 53,679 of the S3, making it the top-selling Chinese SUV during Q1 2015.

Commercial Vehicles: JAC commercial vehicles are a core component of their business, and the company has always focused on low-carbon technology along with other environmental protection methods. JAC commercial vehicles master two National V technology systems, the EGR+DOC+DPF, and SCR, providing a reliable technological guarantee. At the auto show, JAC’s full-line N-series medium-duty trucks with Navistar, high-end light-duty trucks (wide body and narrow body), X200 and T6, created a high-end urban logistics image. Equipped with a 2.8L 4DA1 engine and LC6T32 6-speed transmission, T6 is the newest high-end pickup that integrates the comfort of a sedan with the dynamics of an SUV.

Since the first generation of JAC high-end light-duty trucks were launched in May 2004, JAC has welcomed more than 200,000 positive reviews. The company credits this achievement to eleven years of endeavors and developments supported by an unwavering focus on quality.

In China, JAC’s N-series has shown great promise with sales growth of 69% for Q1 2015. Internationally, JAC’s range of high-end light trucks, now exported to more than 130 countries, has been number one in terms of sales for 14 consecutive years and has been granted a number of homologations from Europe, Australia, and Russia. JAC has also successfully entered into Europe, North America, and a number of developed countries. By virtue of its excellent performance, brand values, and research and development, JAC has established a new international brand of commercial vehicles.


JAC Motors is an automaker that has developed full-line independent brand vehicles including light, medium and heavy trucks, sedans, MPV, SRV, buses, chassis, engineering machinery, engines, and gearboxes. Based in Hefei China, the company’s research and development center drives its innovation. JAC also founded China’s first overseas research and development center in Turin, Italy, and a second in Tokyo, Japan.

JAC has been in business for fifty years, and currently produces more than 1,000,000 units and 500,000 engines annually, ranking it among China’s top 10 automakers. Aside from being China’s number one exporter of light trucks for thirteen consecutive years, JAC has also received numerous industry awards and acclaim from organizations throughout China.


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