Tuesday, November 25, 2014

MoI Receives 4654 Calls from Public regarding Traffic Points Program

In 10 months

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Wednesday, November 19th 2014 [ME NewsWire]

The Call Center at the Police Follow-up Department, the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Interior, received 4654 calls from the public in 10 months, from January 1 to October 31, 2014.

Lieutenant Colonel Saif Obaid Al Khaili, Head of the Police Follow-up Department, said, “The call center received several calls, either to inquire about the points system for traffic offenses or to register in the traffic points reduction program. The department has added an SMS service, whereas drivers who commit traffic violations and collect a fine or points shall receive an SMS regarding the traffic points added to their record. This SMS will urge violators to contact the Police Follow-up Department to check their traffic record and inquire about the number of points accrued to avoid accumulation. If the black points accumulated are more than 24 at any point of time, the driving license may be revoked.”

Adding further, Lieutenant Colonel Al Khaili noted that the call center is a part the communication channels allocated by the department to communicate with motorists, who can  register in the program via www.adpolice.gov.ae/csd, or visit any of the Traffic Points Program Bureaus at the Emirates Driving Company in Abu Dhabi.

“A permanent driving license will be confiscated for three months for the first traffic violation, for six months for the second violation, and for one year for the third violation and will not be returned until the driver passes a traffic safety course. However, the temporary license will be confiscated for six months for a first violation and will not be returned until the driver passes the traffic safety course,” Lieutenant Colonel Al Khaili explained.

He added, “If a motorist reaches the 24 points limit while on probation, his/her license shall be revoked; a twelve-month test ban is put in place.  Violators will be given a once-a-year opportunity to reduce their points before reaching the 24 point limit, and see up to eight points knocked off their record, if they pass the traffic safety course at an accredited driving school.”

“The program, which reduces traffic points, aims at granting motorists the opportunity to avoid having their driving licenses withdrawn, as well as to improve their driving behavior. The program provides a set of training lectures to rehabilitate offenders and remind them of the risks of traffic violations, including driving license withdrawal.  The Police Follow-up Department, represented by the Traffic Points Program section, acquaints motorists with the option of seeing their traffic points tally reduced and with the most common violations that could lead to withdrawal of their driving license,” Lieutenant Colonel Al Khaili said.

In conclusion, Lieutenant Colonel Al Khaili noted that the call center receives calls from members of the public directly on 600566006 to answer all inquiries and register motorists wishing to reduce their points or to retrieve their licenses after meeting all requirements.

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