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Alia Al Rumaithi... a Distinguished Radio Figure at the Security Media

Breaks the sound barrier and ascends steadily towards glory

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Friday, November 21st 2014 [ME NewsWire]

With firm calm strides and aspirations that are highly consistent with her scientific and literary potentials, Alia Al Rumaithi went way beyond the sound barrier as a part of her work at the Security Media Department, the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Interior. Thanks to her diligent follow-up of media work and unstinting efforts to advance to higher ranks, she managed to leave a remarkable imprint on the media material provided by the Radio Branch that she manages skillfully, particularly ideas and programs that have contributed directly to enhancing security and traffic awareness among the public.

Alia Al Rumaithi, Radio Branch Manager at the Security Media Department and Media and Public Relations graduate with a Master's degree in Management, emphasized that she had no previous plans to enter the world of broadcast media such as the radio.  It was sheer  coincidence that she walked into the Security Media Department at Abu Dhabi Police, only to become one of the pioneering founders of this promising branch, which managed within few years to make a qualitative leap in  terms of communicating daily with the public and news producers across various Arab and foreign radio stations; in addition to its continuous interaction with live streaming programs in the country to convey  remarks and suggestions to the public and respond to their queries.

Vision and Message

Thanks to the expertise and extensive academic knowledge of broadcast media she had gained during her studies, achieving the vision and objective of establishing a radio station targeting the public was an easy task for Alia Al Rumaithi. She commenced her work by preparing awareness messages and cultural information that were intended for the vast majority of community members who listen to the radio while driving.  “This has contributed to delivering a package of information to the largest segment of society in Arabic and English, and most recently in Indian,” she continued.

Daily bulletins

Daily radio broadcasting, which has become one of the distinguished features of the Security Media, was not limited to short-awareness messages; a daily news bulletin was introduced to provide the public with traffic reports Sunday through Thursday that are broadcast three times during peak hours (morning, noon and evening hours). These reports are followed by short messages and awareness tips, in addition to invitations to the public to attend the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ’s various events.

 A significant link

In the same context, Alia Al Rumaithi indicated the existence of a weekly police news bulletin, which sheds the light on the most important police-related news that occurred during the week, with reference to the feedback provided by the public via live streaming programs. She also pointed out that all news bulletins are broadcast daily in coordination with most radio stations across the UAE, which amount to 23 local, Arab, and foreign radio broadcast stations. She also pointed out to the constant communication with live programs producers who are keen to host police officials in order to shed the light on issues related to campaigns, conferences and events. “The radio has become a significant link between the public and various departments at the Ministry of Interior,” she noted.

A Modern Studio

To keep pace with the rapid development of the Radio Branch, officials established a radio studio by the end of 2010. The studio was fitted with the latest and most advanced equipment to present the police news bulletins, record audio materials, and other sound/voice items related to radio broadcasting. Commenting on this qualitative leap, which caused a radical change in broadcasting and presentation, Al Rumaithi said, “Building our own studio has contributed to reducing the financial costs and minimizing time and effort. This has enabled the Radio Branch to stop relying on private production companies, especially regarding advertising materials and audio commentaries during events and occasions. We became fully capable of preparing script pertaining to all of the police-related campaigns and events and then recording these scripts at the Security Media’s studio”.

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