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UTSCH to Present the U-Press and RFID License Plates in Dubai

The leading supplier of vehicle license plates and registration systems will exhibit at the Gulf Traffic 2013 Fair

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SIEGEN, Germany - Thursday, November 21st 2013

Gulf Traffic 2013

Traditionally, the Middle East has been an important marketing area for Utsch. For this reason Utsch, the German company known as the world's leading supplier of vehicle license plates and registration systems, will once again have a stand at the Gulf Traffic Exhibition (December 9 to 11, 2013, hall 3, stand 3A21). The presentation on the innovative U-Press and intelligent RFID license plates will be the focus of the appearance at the exhibition.

The network-compatible U-Press is the lastest development by Utsch. It bridges the gap between manual and automatic embossing presses and prevents deliberate and unintentional embossing errors. This makes the U-Press a key element in an extensive system which seamlessly combines registration, license plate manufacture and issuance, data transfer, statistics, storage, logistics, and quality control. Helmut Jungbluth, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Erich Utsch AG explains: "The U-Press fuses the precision and performance of proven Utsch embossing presses with the demands and security requirements of today’s information society. Features such as a biometric login, optical control of the plates used, and complete documentation on all the work processes provide the best possible protection against misuse."

License plates with RFID technology enable vehicles and vehicle owners to be quickly and reliably identified and provide a wide range of possible applications, for instance fighting against crime, traffic management, collecting tolls, or as access controls for security zones.

Back in 2002, Utsch introduced the "intelligent license tag". This windshield label with an integrated RFID tag was an innovative addition to conventional aluminum license plates. In future Utsch will also supply aluminum license plates with RFID technology. The respective exhibits will be shown by Utsch at the Gulf Traffic Fair.

Gulf Traffic will take place between December 9 and 11, 2013 at Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre. It is the largest and most important exhibition event in the traffic and transportation infrastructure sector in the Middle East. The exhibition will focus on transportation development and key aspects of transportation infrastructure, including rail and road traffic, vehicle registration, traffic surveillance and regulation, as well as the collection of tolls and fees. Leading manufacturers, merchants, and service providers from the transportation and infrastructure sectors will present their products and services. In addition to transportation experts from around the world, visitors will include high-ranking decision makers from the fields of government, administration and security forces.

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