Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Partnership to provide data on credit health of African businesses

Combining over 30 years of on the ground expertise in Africa and the benefits of technology, Inoxico and Robertsons Reports are offering clients tangible reports containing detailed information to help shape their African investment decisions.
With Africa being touted as one of the few green patches of economic and investor freedom, global businesses continue to look at ways to expand into the continent. Through the partnership between the two organisations, companies will be able to take advantage of information that is current, appropriate, and relevant to their specific demands in order to measure the potential risk of investing into the region.
“Our view is to build truly data-driven risk management solutions for those clients seeking to profit from the diverse opportunities available on the continent,” says André Stürmer, CEO at Inoxico. “One of the important factors holding back broad-based growth across sub-Saharan Africa is the lack of credit extension in many countries. By applying best-in-class credit research, trade credit activities can be rolled out more extensively, reducing that barrier to growth significantly.”
The companies are currently collating and sharing content and databases and then combining them into the Inoxico analytics solution, which can be easily accessed through a web-based interface or portal, in order to gain an understanding of meaningful credit and business relationships from the data.
The provision of these reports will also pave the way for equitable wealth distribution and assist to clamp down on fraudulent activity as well as highlight corruption. This is particularly relevant to global businesses who, governed by compliance and regulatory and statutory business requirements, need to take particular caution on their business expansion decisions.
 “The delivery of company reports on African-based businesses to both global and local investors and credit insurers, that contains statutory and researched data that is current and relevant, will provide organisations looking to invest and expand into the continent a mechanism a view of the potential risks and rewards associated to this move,” says Emlyn Robertson, CEO at Robertson Reports.
“This will ultimately provide a safer means for industry to make these decisions and in turn tap into the promise of abundant natural resources and negligible national debt the continent promises,” he adds.

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