Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thuraya Sponsors Global Voices with the Thuraya IP+ at News Xchange 2013

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Tuesday, November 19th 2013 [ME NewsWire]

 Thuraya, a leading Mobile Satellite Services operator today announced its sponsorship of Global Voices in recognition of the online community’s groundbreaking work with citizen media and user generated content. The sponsorship was announced on November 15 at the annual Eurovision News Xchange conference in Marrakech, Morocco. Thuraya will be sponsoring the Global Voices’ online team with a Thuraya IP+ terminal which provides citizen journalists with quick and reliable access to broadband data services over Thuraya’s extensive satellite network.

Thuraya’s Head of Media and Broadcast, John Huddle, said, “For the second year running, we are proud to support the work of freelance journalists at News Xchange. Last year, we sponsored Sebastian Meyer, co-founder of a photojournalism agency in Iraq called Metrography with the IP+ which enabled him to file stories and send photos to global news organizations. Thuraya recognizes that the pressure to break news is highly intense. As this pressure grows, broadcast and multimedia journalists have become more and more mobile — equipped to report live from remote locations, and increasingly able to file stories as they break to meet tight deadlines.”

Global Voices’ Managing Editor, Solana Larsen, said, “Global Voices nurtures and supports new bloggers and citizen journalists in parts of the world where news is still waiting to happen. Having access to the internet through the Thuraya IP+ will be incredibly empowering to communities that normally have no means to communicate with the world."

Thuraya will be supporting Global Voices with the Thuraya IP+ and one year of free connectivity for work in underrepresented communities with little or no internet.  The enhanced capabilities of the Thuraya IP+ facilitate a wide range of applications including web browsing, email, social media communications, video, data transfer and VoIP applications.

Amy Selwyn, Managing Director of News Xchange says, “We are really delighted to serve as the connector. With Thuraya being a premium sponsor of News Xchange, it makes it possible for us to present this equipment to Global Voices in support of global journalism.”

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