Friday, November 22, 2013

One of the Leading PET Manufacturers, Equipolymers, Launches Innovative New PET for Large Bottling Applications

MILAN - Wednesday, November 20th 2013 [ME NewsWire]

    Equipolymers’ “BISNEINEX” outperforms traditional PET and provides a practical alternative to PC
    BPA-Free product
    Patent pending

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Equipolymers today unveiled its new BISNEINEX™ polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resin, an innovative Bisphenol-A free solution that is designed for large bottling applications including the home and office delivery (HOD) water bottle market. BISNEINEX™ offers converters a new, cost effective solution with no impact on raw material cost and potential improved processing cost conditions due to lower energy usage for large container sizes including 5 gallon and 20 liter applications. The resin will be available in limited quantities 4Q13, with expanded production targeted for 2014.

BISNEINEX™ is optimized specifically for injection molding (IM) and stretch blow molding (SBM) processes (two stage process) as well as for injection stretch blow molding (ISBM) (one stage process) production of large volume containers (>3 liters), which require thick-walled pre-forms and thus reduced crystallization rate. Relative to standard PET this novel resin, currently in final application testing, provides a number of improved process and bottle performance benefits including:

    Large processing window due to reduced recrystallization behavior
    Excellent bottle thermal stability (low shrinkage)
    Exceptional color in the final application
    Improved drop test and top load performance
    BPA-free solution for 5 gallon and other large volume containers

“The newest addition to our portfolio, BISNEINEX™, demonstrates our commitment to delivering the innovative PET solutions that our customers demand. It is a truly unique material that helps our customers move from polycarbonate to PET in a cost effective manner while meeting regulatory and consumer demands for a BPA-free plastic,” said Naser Al Dousari, chief operating officer, Equipolymers.

“As an alternative to polycarbonate (PC) in the 5 gallon application, BISNEINEX™ maintains good aesthetics while eliminating any regulatory or consumer issues related to existing and developing bans of bisphenol-A. As a benefit for the manufacturer, it requires very minimal changes to existing manufacturing processes, and can be used on PC lines with only minor modifications to the equipment,” said Antonello Ciotti, commercial director, Equipolymers.

To learn more about how BISNEINEX™ could be incorporated into your application or to trial, please visit for more information.

About Equipolymers

Equipolymers is a pioneer in PET solutions dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of PET resins. Equipolymers is the preferred partner for brand-owners and other key value chain players in the PET market, through innovation-driven leadership and high-quality product standards.



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