Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Valimo Provides TDC Norway Customers with Mobile ID to Secure Online and Mobile Access to All Local Banks

VANTAA, Finland. - Tuesday, August 6th 2013 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE) Valimo, a leading solution provider for mobile user authentication and digital signatures has been chosen by TDC in Norway for its Mobile ID secure login solution. TDC is a major Nordic mobile operator targeting the corporate customers segment. The solution offers TDC subscribers secure online and mobile access to banking services for all Norwegian banks using their mobile phone as an authentication device, as part of the local BankID solution used in Norway for secure identification and signing online.

By verifying the user’s registered identity, the Valimo solution provides a third factor1 of authentication on top of the ‘what you have’ mobile device and the ‘what you know’ user password principle. Using any SIM-enabled device, TDC subscribers will get anytime, anywhere access to additional BankID services requiring the highest security level, such as eCommerce, eTrading, and placing a bid in a home buying process.

Valimo Mobile ID provides end-users with strong authentication to access corporate intranet, email and databases, or to transact legally binding agreements on the go. Users can complete mobile work tasks with the highest level of protection from the embedded PKI infrastructure, by simply entering their PIN code on their mobile phone.

“The Valimo solution combines convenience, security and mobility with unrivaled portability and simplicity to make a real difference in our customers’ daily lives,” said Willy Domaas, Product Manager, TDC Norway. “With an increasing need for secured connections enabling remote work on mobile, our plan is to deploy Valimo’s mobile authentication solution to our enterprise customers, so that they can offer their employees the opportunity to use personal devices for business purposes, while ensuring the highest level of security.”

“This is the first time that all banks in a country have joined forces to launch a nationwide mobile authentication service”, added Yousaf Ghous, Managing Director of Valimo. “TDC’s rollout confirms that mobile ID is not a “nice-to-have” anymore and paves the way to an accelerated growth in electronic services, such as mobile contactless payment or eGovernment services.”

Editor’s note

BankID is the personal electronic identification solution used in Norway for identifying and signing on the web.

1 Third-factor authentication is achieved by verifying the certificate bound to the user’s identity upon registration

About Valimo

Valimo turns mobile phones into digital identification cards. The new breed of Mobile ID replaces the need for a multitude of passwords and tokens. With Valimo technology, mobile phone users can securely authenticate themselves and legally sign documents, just by using their mobile phone and a simple PIN code. Based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology, Valimo Mobile ID works in every mobile phone with a SIM card inside.

Valimo's mobile signature solutions are global market leaders in terms of installation base and number of active users. Valimo solutions are used by mobile operators, banks, corporations, governments, public sector and other service providers. Founded in 2000, Valimo Wireless is headquartered in Vantaa, Finland. For further information, please visit www.valimo.com.



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