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Countries That Install Advanced Infrastructure System from Edison Global Circuits Could Be Eligible for Long-Term Country Infrastructure Funding from United Nations

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HOUSTON - Tuesday, August 27th 2013

Advanced Breaker/Meter Gateway System Helps Governments, Utility Companies in Emerging Markets Quickly Deliver Improved Communications to Citizens via Global Mobile Networks

After reviewing new multi-purpose gateway technology from Edison Global Circuits (EGC), United Nations representatives say it is not only advanced, affordable and quick to implement but that it most likely will qualify as “country infrastructure” and should be eligible for long-term funding, and the organization would be open to providing funding to any country that wants to install it.

EGC’s Advanced Infrastructure System (AIS) is a combination of communications, access, measurement & control, breaker development and customer interaction – all in one product – allowing any government that puts the advanced breaker/meter gateway system into production the capability to become a “smart country” rather quickly, saving – and generating – millions along the way.

“AIS is not a meter, but a multi-purpose gateway designed to interact with utility companies, customers, carriers and content providers. There are plenty of so-called smart meters out there, but none of them come close to what EGC has developed. AIS is not ‘smart,’ it’s genius,” said Stephen Williams, CEO of Houston-based EGC, a leading-edge pioneer in electrical safety and diagnostic systems. “It’s an 8-products-in-1 state-of-the-art multi-way communication, feature-rich, low-cost end point solution for governments and utilities around the world to upgrade their grid infrastructures, conserve energy and deliver higher-quality services to their populations, using, among others, cell tower systems already in place.” The advanced breaker/meter gateway system design team was headed by EGC engineer Jeff Franks, who invented the smoke detector in 1975 and is credited with bringing more than 20 products from design to market, several reaching billion-dollar sales marks.

“The United Nations recognizes that when countries add improvements to daily living, better living conditions lead to a more stable socioeconomic status and greater functionality in the global arena. When we met with representatives in Brussels to demo AIS, they were on board immediately,” said Ray Cole, EGC CFO. “Our advanced breaker technology has U.S. and international patents and creates an intelligent communication gateway for worldwide use. The patented technology adds price elasticity and an ability to control and monitor electrical impulse from any wiring system worldwide.”

More Information for Governments and Utilities:



The UN’s International Telecommunication Union estimates only 39% of the world has Internet access, which means 61% of all homes worldwide aren’t receiving basic Internet service. “Think about what providing basic services many of us take for granted – Internet, television, cable, banking, security, education – could mean for a household in an emerging market,” Cole said. “The AIS gateway technology allows governments a way to offer a variety of services at a low cost to its citizens, elevating their home lives with services from utilities and content providers that inform, educate and keep them safe.”

By comparison, a 2013 UN study showed that in a world of 7 billion people, 6 billion have access to mobile phones and it’s been estimated there will be more active cell phones in the world than people by 2014. Most emerging governments can’t afford or haven’t been able to build out their communication infrastructure pathways to keep up with growth, but commercial telecoms have met demand by building out large geographic areas with cell service.

“EGC has been focused on bringing our Smart Country Infrastructure SystemTM (SCIS) to billions of underserved populations in developing countries. AIS directly addresses lack of Internet usage in emerging markets, instead focusing on existing communications pathways and networks to help governments and utility companies deliver services to the home," Williams said. “We’ve basically eliminated the cost in time and resources a government would need to upgrade their communications infrastructure. The seamless multi-way communication makes it possible for any utility to provide Internet, TV, phone, security, educational services or really any application that can be delivered through existing networks to the home.”

Key Benefits to Governments and Utilities

   - AIS is the only product in the world that connects directly to the circuits already in the home, which means utilities can reduce theft up to 80% – that alone pays for the system.

   - A unique patented feature allows a utility company to shed load throughout their grid without shutting down individual homes, preventing brownouts or blackouts and conserves energy.

   - The AIS powerful gateway feature that allows carriers and content providers access without wiring the house or providing set-top boxes, also allows utility companies to share in these newly created revenue streams.

   - Fully deployed, implementing the AIS gateway in country can pay for the entire installation and maintenance of the system.

Key Features of the EGC Advanced Infrastructure System:

   - 7-inch touch screen offers interactive communications like energy-usage updates, emergency alerts and bill pay

   - Revolutionary patented life-saving breaker system and smart meter offers improved home safety and increased system control

   - 120-240V AC single pole 20-50 amp circuit breaker guards against overloading and short circuits in the home

   - Wi-Fi and 3G/4G module package allows third-party access and delivery of Internet, video and dial services

   - Proprietary gateway feature accepts all communications protocols and feeds data back to the provider, allowing any third party to connect to AIS and drive media to an end appliance, like a TV, using existing home electrical wiring

   - Meets and exceeds utility networking requirements

    Internal measurement and control system vital for utility data management and remote system controls

   - Completely downloadable state-of-the-art systems controller module allows for simple upgrades and cost effectiveness

   - Two-way communications allows utility to connect to AIS box to send and receive data through the internal meter to and from each individual plug-in breaker

   - Unique video and audio delivery provides revenue source for utility with no additional hard wiring while at the same time upgrading quality of services to its consumers

WATCH THE VIDEO: http://www.egcircuits.com/products/video.php or http://www.egcircuits.com/AISvideo.html

About Edison Global Circuits

Houston-based Edison Global Circuits, a leading-edge pioneer in electrical safety and diagnostic systems, provides proprietary solutions for safety, diagnostics, fire prevention, smart meters, green adaptations and true home and business gateways to the United States and countries all over the world. Via its revolutionary, next-generation utility and broadband communications platform Smart Country Infrastructure SystemTM, EGC works with emerging nations to help them improve their grid networks and reduce modernization costs, providing consulting services to area utilities to assist with updating the way they communicate with homes and businesses on their grids, with immediate return on investment. The company’s advanced breaker/meter gateway Advanced Infrastructure System is a state-of-the-art, low-cost solution for governments and utilities around the world.


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