Sunday, August 4, 2013

Motorola Sued for MPEG-2 Patent Infringement

DENVER. - Saturday, August 3rd 2013 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE) MPEG LA, LLC, world leader in alternative one-stop patent licenses, today announced that three patent owners in MPEG LA’s MPEG-2 Patent Portfolio License (“MPEG-2 License”) have filed a patent enforcement action in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida against Motorola Mobility LLC (“Motorola”) for willful infringement of patents essential to the MPEG-2 digital video compression standard used worldwide in digital television and DVD.

According to the complaint, Motorola offers set-top boxes that use the MPEG-2 standard without a license under essential patents. Motorola, either directly or through one of its subsidiaries, was a licensee of the MPEG-2 License (including the patents-in-suit) until December 31, 2010. Motorola, through one of its subsidiaries, was an original licensor in MPEG LA’s MPEG-2 License and has been one of MPEG LA’s owners.


MPEG LA is the world’s leading independent provider of patent licenses offering wide access to important technologies. MPEG LA developed modern day patent pools. By assisting users with implementation of their technology choices, MPEG LA offers licensing solutions that create opportunities for wide adoption and fuel innovation. MPEG LA’s original license for MPEG-2 digital video compression helped produce the most widely employed standard in consumer electronics history. MPEG LA's MPEG-2 Patent Portfolio License, which includes more than 1000 MPEG-2 essential patents in 57 countries, has nearly 2000 licensees accounting for most MPEG-2 products including set-top boxes, DVD players, digital television sets, personal computers and DVD Video Discs in the current world market. For more information, please refer to



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