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Skechers Launches High-Tech Warehouse With Hai Robotics' Automated Goods-to-Person System

 (BUSINESS WIRE)--Skechers USA, a leading global footwear and apparel company, turns to Hai Robotics ("Hai"), a leading global provider of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS), as they launch their new distribution center in Minato City, Tokyo, Japan. Using Hai’s automated goods-to-person system, Skechers is maximizing warehouse operational efficiency, fulfillment speed, and order accuracy.

Hai’s solution was chosen for its ability to condense storage — minimizing real estate needed — and easily adapt to changing demand, resolve labor shortage issues, and support long-term business growth.

Supported by material handling consulting company MHE Solutions, Inc., Skechers built their new facility to keep up with rapidly growing demand in the Japanese market and to advance operations that had historically relied on manually laborious tasks. Manual picking processes had been the standard to fulfill orders, but managing staff shortages coupled with expanding SKU variety contributed to high operating costs with limited outbound picking efficiency and speed. After evaluating several automation providers, Skechers ultimately determined Hai Robotics’ HaiPick System was the ideal solution for dependable and effective automated order fulfillment.

The HaiPick System is dense, adaptable to changes in consumer demand, and easily expandable as operations grow. It seamlessly integrated with other technologies in the facility to help Skechers quickly respond to customer orders. The system has also extended employee productivity while reducing physical demand on staff, helping to alleviate disruption from labor shortages.

Within Skechers’ facility, the HaiPick System covers 139,705 square feet and is operated by 69 HaiPick Autonomous Case-handling Mobile Robots (ACRs), which are integrated with Manhattan Associates' cloud-native warehouse management system (WMS). ACRs are highly intelligent, tall pieces of equipment that autonomously navigate narrow aisles of an ASRS constructed of almost any industry-standard racking or shelving with a vertical reach extending up to 32 feet. The robots pick containers off the shelving — transporting up to 8 at any given time for maximum order-batching efficiency — and deliver them to human-operated workstations.

Skechers’ HaiPick System contains 8 ergonomic workstations where operators receive clear instructions on a screen of the product and quantity to be picked to fulfill an order. The product is then scanned, and the system confirms order accuracy before the operator can proceed to the following order.

The HaiPick System is a vital part of the operational success in Skechers’ new distribution facility, helping Skechers maintain the high level of service and satisfaction their customers enjoy as they continue to grow.

“All automation projects have their challenges, but the Hai team has been a very good partner in maintaining a positive, can-do attitude and remaining committed to doing the right thing for the customer by delivering on their design,” said Sophie Houtmeyers, Vice President of Distribution Operations at Skechers, and Michael Pitt, MHE Solutions. “The Hai ACR system facilitated creative application to maximize both utilization of the warehouse floor space and hard-to-reach vertical storage space in a challenging Japanese warehousing design caused by strict fire codes. It has additionally provided productivity gains that are key to the growth of Skechers in the Japan market.”

“We are honored to help Skechers elevate the operations in their new facility and be a key part in the facility’s ability to quickly reach their customers,” said Brian Reinhart, Chief Revenue Officer at Hai Robotics U.S.A. “We are grateful for the trust that MHE and Skechers have placed in us and thrilled with the success seen so far. We will continue to work closely with MHE Solutions and Skechers to further support their warehouse automation journey and help them go above and beyond in their operational efficiency goals.”

About Hai Robotics

Hai Robotics is a leading global provider of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) committed to elevating the world’s access to inventory through intelligent, fast, efficient warehouse automation that is more accessible to all facilities.

Their award-winning equipment drives highly flexible ASRS constructed of standard racking and almost any container. Hai Robotics’ solutions maximize vertical storage up to 32+ feet, reduce storage footprints up to 75%, increase workflow efficiency gains up to 4x, and improve order pick accuracy to 99.9%+.

Founded in 2016, Hai Robotics is trusted in 1,100+ projects across 40+ countries and supported by 8 offices globally. For more information, visit HaiRobotics.com.


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Hai Robotics U.S.A.


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