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GIGABYTE Ignites AI and 5G Visions at MWC 2024, Highlighting New Supercomputers, Edge AI and Sustainable IT Upgrades


(BUSINESS WIRE)--GIGABYTE Technology, an IT pioneer advancing global industries through cloud and AI computing systems, is presenting innovative enterprise computing solutions at MWC 2024, featuring trailblazing servers, green computing solutions, and edge AI technologies, under the theme "Future of COMPUTING." These advancements usher in new possibilities for agile and sustainable IT strategies, enabling industries to harness real-time intelligence across hyperconnected data centers, cloud, edge, and devices, resulting in enhanced efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and competitive advantages, all propelled by the synergies of 5G and AI technologies.

The New Supercomputer Unveiled

GIGABYTE presents G593-ZX1/ZX2, the AI server featuring AMD Instinct™ MI300X 8-GPU, which is a new addition to GIGABYTE’s flagship AI/HPC server series. Other highlighted exhibits include the high-density H223-V10 supporting the NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchip, the G383-R80 server supporting four AMD Instinct™ MI300A APUs, and a G593 series AI server equipped with the powerful NVIDIA HGX H100 8-GPU.

Adjacent to these trailblazing AI/HPC servers stands the all-flash array storage server, S183-SH0. With the capacity for 32 E1.S NVMe SSDs, it provides hyper-speed data storage, ideal for handling complex AI workloads such as large language models (LLM). Altogether, these servers can be integrated into the supercomputer clusters and 5G framework, serving as the cornerstone of AI-ready infrastructure and driving business and research breakthroughs at exascale.

Flexible Edge Platform for the Next Phase of 5G and AI

At the booth, GIGABYTE introduces a highly adaptable edge server, E263-S30, surrounded by a power supply and motherboard alongside NICs and accelerators from AMD, Broadcom, Intel, and NVIDIA. E263-S30 exemplifies how GIGABYTE’s modular servers cater to a wealth of IT scenarios by upgrading various hardware specifications within a unified chassis. Its flexibility proves instrumental in expediting large-scale 5G network deployments while minimizing maintenance and upgrade costs.

One-Stop Solution for Green IT Upgrades

The dissipation of excess heat from servers emerges as a notable contributor to energy waste. GIGABYTE addresses this challenge by presenting the A1P0-EB0, a large-scale 25U EIA immersion cooling tank, showcasing outstanding server heat dissipation of up to 80kW and a PUE as low as 1.02. GIGABYTE also provides an extensive range of immersion-ready servers, supporting both Intel and AMD processors, and cater to all kinds of workloads. They exemplify how GIGABYTE's comprehensive green computing solutions enable data centers to reduce power consumption and achieve a more favorable total cost of ownership (TCO).

Versatile Enterprise Servers with Robust Networking Capabilities

GIGABYTE presents a diverse server lineup designed for telecom, cloud service providers, enterprises, and SMBs, enabling the establishment of open and secure digital architectures across network environments. The Arm server, R163-P32, boasts its energy-efficient core-dense system, providing operational advantages for large-scale cloud-native workloads.

In AI workloads and edge cloud applications, the R243-EG0 and R143-EG0 servers support AMD EPYC™ 8004 Series processors, providing exceptional performance per watt and suitability for telco environments. For SMB IT solutions, GIGABYTE introduces R113-C10 and R123-X00, equipped with AMD Ryzen™ 7000 and Intel® Xeon® E-2400 processors, ensuring reliable IT operations such as web hosting, hybrid cloud, and data storage.

Highly Accurate Self-Driving Technologies Fueled by Edge AI

Integrating edge technology, AI algorithms, and cutting-edge chips, GIGABYTE's Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and telematics make real-time driving decisions for a safe and intelligent self-driving experience. Providing rich I/O interfaces, they seamlessly integrate with various sensing devices, including cameras, ultrasonic sensors, LiDAR, and mmWave radars, gathering comprehensive environmental data to guide vehicles along the optimal route under dynamic and challenging road conditions.

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