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Brightcove Partners With Google Ad Manager to Expand Its Ad Monetization Service

BOSTON - Tuesday, 27. February 2024

Brightcove’s global streaming technology platform connects with Google’s ad platform to help customers drive monetization for their video content by providing more streamlined ad revenue operations and a seamless ad tech experience

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Brightcove (NASDAQ: BCOV), the world’s most trusted streaming technology company, today announced it is entering into a strategic partnership with Google Ad Manager to enhance its Ad Monetization service. This collaboration expands Brightcove’s offering by supporting current and future customers that leverage Google Ad Manager’s comprehensive digital advertising sales platform for their digital ad operations. It also positions Brightcove to serve additional impressions to larger audiences for its customers.

“Forging this partnership with Google Ad Manager allows Brightcove to increase support and service options to ultimately help customers monetize their video content and drive more revenue from their sites and apps,” said Brightcove CEO Marc DeBevoise. “The partnership reflects our dedication to delivering the best streaming solutions for our customers to power their video content, reach wider audiences, optimize their advertising strategy, and maximize ad revenue.”

The Brightcove and Google Ad Manager integration creates additional simplicity for media companies, publishers, and advertisers looking to flow ad dollars from more traditional outlets toward OTT streaming services and CTV devices. It also gives Brightcove access to Google’s programmatic ad marketplace to unlock additional demand for its customers’ ad inventories.

Brightcove’s customers who utilize Google Ad Manager or Ad Manager 360 can now:

    Drive competition for higher CPMs by managing video inventory via server-to-server connection, which allows for more dynamic pricing and competitive rates

    Take advantage of the Google Multiple Customer Management program to easily onboard the Brightcove Marketplace, an ecosystem of applications and integrations that extend the value of the Brightcove video platform

    Manage video inventory with additional demand via Google Advertising Exchange (AdX)

    Receive more turn-key reporting through Historical Reporting exports into dashboards

    Reduce the amount of fatal VAST errors that limit ad requests across devices

In addition to partnering with Google Ad Manager, Brightcove has continually strengthened its Ad Monetization service since its inception in 2023 by introducing Ad Insights and forming partnerships with companies like Magnite and PubMatic. These latest partnerships reinforce Brightcove’s commitment to forming relationships with the most prominent advertising platforms in the industry on behalf of its customers to provide a seamless experience that removes the main challenges to monetizing video content.

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