Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Wemade’s MMORPG MIR M Updates New Inter-server Area ‘Prajna Island’


  • A new area where users can cooperate or compete with users from other servers
  • New gear can be obtained from defeating each field boss appearing in four fields
  • Various events are taking place to celebrate the update of “Prajna Island” and the 200th day of MIR M


(BUSINESS WIRE)--Wemade’s MMORPG MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond (hereinafter “MIR M”), updated new inter-server area “Prajna Island” on August 8th.

“Prajna Island”, which used to be a peaceful uninhabited island, was turned into a land of the dead after the cataclysmic explosion from the past battle between the Divine Dragon and Crimson Lunar Demon. Characters over level 48 can access the area through NPC “Nuah” located in Fort Phantasia after completing necessary quests.

In Prajna Island, users can cooperate and compete with users from other servers to hunt monsters and get abundant rewards. Four fields, “Prajna Field,” “Shima Cave,” “Prajna Cave,” and “Prajna Temple” are available on this island, and field bosses “Pit Sura,” “Ghostly Gore Sura,” “Skeleton Prajna King,” “Taurus Demon Lord” appear in each field. New gear and skills can be obtained from defeating these field bosses.

Furthermore, new Ascendant Avatars have been unveiled. These Avatars increase ATK SPD, DEF, and Accuracy for each class.

Various events will be taking place to celebrate the update of Prajna Island and the 200th day of MIR M since launch. First, “Deepest Night 7 Days Check-in” will be available from August 8th to August 21st. The reward items for logging in every day include Great Success Potions and “Primal Summoning Ticket Chests.”

The “Crafting Prajna Tokens” event will be held until August 28th. “Prajna Island Tokens” obtained from hunting can be used to craft 3 Codex types, “Intermediate Enhancement Stone Support Chest,” and more.

Also, to celebrate the 200th day of MIR M, the “200 Days Celebration Gift Chest” event will be available until August 22nd. Depending on the number of hours logged in, users can get “200 Days Celebration Congratulation Chest,” which contains “Advanced Avatar Summoning Ticket,” and “Uncommon Dragonsoul Stone Chest,” and more.

More information on MIR M is available on the official website.


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