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Corrective and replacement: Monaco Clears Najib Mikati and Family Members of Money Laundering Allegations

   Corrective and replacement

Monaco Clears Najib Mikati and Family Members of Money Laundering Allegations

MONACO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- An investigation into Najib Mikati and family has been concluded, resulting in the dismissal of all allegations and closure of the case.

Following a comprehensive investigation, Monaco’s Judicial Police confirmed on August 23 that there was no evidence of any wrongdoing regarding money laundering allegations made more than three years ago.

In a letter, Monaco’s Deputy Attorney General stated that the case, which was entrusted to Monaco’s Judicial Police on July 15, 2020, had been closed. This development confirms that the spurious allegations and accompanying speculation were unfounded.

The Mikati family was always confident that this would be the outcome as it was aware that there was no basis to these claims. The Monaco judicial decision follows a confirmation from the Princely Court of Liechtenstein that there are no pending investigations against the Mikati family in Liechtenstein and there have not been any in the past, as had been alleged by previous media reports. With a Lebanese case also recently dropped, there are no ongoing investigations, queries, or indictments against any of the Mikati family in any jurisdiction.

Reacting to the announcement, Lebanese caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati said, “I am delighted that this case has been closed after the European and Lebanese authorities found no evidence to support the allegations. I believe these investigations were triggered by false and politically-motivated smears. I look forward to continuing my work on behalf of the Lebanese people.”

The Mikati family has remained unequivocal that it has committed no wrongdoing and upholds a clear separation between public and private life. At all times, the family continues to be law-abiding while acting in full compliance with relevant rules, regulations, and ethical standards globally. All assets and properties belonging to Lebanese caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati have been duly and consistently disclosed to the Constitutional Council in Lebanon, as per the prevailing laws, rules, and regulations, since he entered politics.


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