Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Prytania Media Founders Reveal Two Additional AAA Studios

 Industry Veterans From Warner Brothers, 343 Industries, ArenaNet, Blizzard, Undead Labs And More Join Prytania Media’s New Studios Fang & Claw and Dawon Entertainment

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Jeff Strain (co-founder ArenaNet, co-founder Undead Labs, Crop Circle Games, Possibility Space, co-founder and President of Studios, Prytania Media) and Annie Delisi Strain (co-founder Undead Labs, Crop Circle Games, Possibility Space, co-founder and CEO Prytania Media) are delighted to publicly reveal two AAA additions to the Prytania Media family of studios.

Fang & Claw is creating the next evolution of fantasy combat sports for the rapidly growing competitive-play market. With a $3M seed investment by Transcend Fund, the studio is built around a veteran team including:

Jeremy Gaffney, Studio Head (co-founder of Turbine Entertainment, Sr Director at Blizzard Entertainment)

Fleur Marty, Executive Producer (Executive Producer at WB Games Montreal)

Chris Venturini, Creative Director (Animation Director at ArenaNet, Gameplay Lead at Undead Labs)

Horia Dociu, Art Director (Studio Art Director at 343 Industries and Sucker Punch Productions)

Ben Scott, Technical Director (Technical Director and CTO of Undead Labs)

Dawon Entertainment joins Prytania Media as our first announced emerging-markets studio, based in Bangalore, India. Led by studio director and award-winning game designer Whitney Beltrán, Dawon is building culturally focused games by Indian developers for Indian players, embracing India’s captivating folklore, art, music, and cutting-edge technology sector.

Fang & Claw and Dawon Entertainment join sister studios Possibility Space and Crop Circle Games in the Prytania Media studios imprint.

About Prytania Media

Founded in 2021 by Annie Delisi Strain and Jeff Strain, Prytania Media is an independent, privately held portfolio of curated AAA development studios focused on the creation of groundbreaking new games on a global scale. Currently employing over 150 game development, business, and support staff around the world, Prytania Media also actively recruits, trains, and hires individuals from underserved/overlooked backgrounds into our family of studios through our Mosaic Initiative and Prytania Media Scholars programs.

About Crop Circle Games

Founded in 2021 as a Prytania Media studio and supported by early-stage investments totaling $23M by Transcend Fund and other strategic partners, Crop Circle Games is defining the next generation of narrative sandbox games for a global player community.

About Possibility Space

Founded in 2021 as a Prytania Media studio with $3M seed investment by Transcend Fund and in development partnership with a major publisher, Possibility Space is empowering a global creator community with an ambitious new social roleplaying platform.


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