Monday, September 23, 2019

Steel Wood Industries (Dubai Ranch) Officially Announces the Birth of the World’s New Environmental-Friendly Composite Wood Material “Type”; SDB (Steel Wood Density Board), Recognized Internationally.

 SDB (the I don’t Cut Trees-Panel) is now the Revolutionary “new-type” added to list of generic types of wood recognized Worldwide; Plywood, MDF, OSB, Particle Board etc, accredited and enforced by APA – The Engineered Wood Association, headquartered in Washington State, USA.

The Panel of 2100 is BORN today, “Busy-Bull” said!

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates-Sunday 22 September 2019 [ AETOS Wire ]

Steel Wood Industries (Dubai Ranch) and the “Home of SDB” proudly announce the “ official-birth” of a revolutionary-new “Wood-Type” of Environmental-Friendly Composite Wood Material, SDB (Steel Wood Density Board) on 19/9/19 which is now officially added to the international Database of APA, the Engineered Wood Association. After months of testing, international standard cross-checking, and cooperation between APA and SWI, SDB is now introduced as a new wood type due to  “The environmental eminence SDB acquires along with the uniqueness in the selectiveness of the raw material combined with the supremacy on the mechanical and physical features.,” as quoted by APA.  People may confuse it by the looks as particleboard; however, its performance is revolutionary in terms of its dominant Internal bonding, MOE, MOR, CARB etc.

Steel Wood Density Board (SDB) by definition is an environmental-friendly composite-wood material, that is made up of 100% post-consumer recycled random mix wood species (including SDB waste panels (excluding for MDF)). Trees are not to be cut to manufacture SDB as the “raw material” need 100% unusable wood residues and waste wood.  In addition, SDB guidelines have to maintain certain minimum mechanical properties, low emission as well as other environmental criteria set by Steel Wood Industries (Dubai Ranch).  SDB mechanical properties can be considered as a “One-Type-Substitute-All-Generic-Types” when it comes to performance (SWI- OX-Products Breed-Range, …).  Needless, the Environmental awareness of SDB which understands the increase in international demands in the market as well as the increased need for preserving our forests and enforces the no cutting of trees for SDB production!

SDB comes in a variety of specifications depending on final applications.  It can be moisture resistant (MR), high moisture resistant (HMR), Water and Boil Proof (WBP) along with its international standards in fire safety.  Generally, a panel can either be the above mentioned or fire-rated; SDB however has the ability to provide a panel with high moisture resistance along with high fire rating standards without harmful chemical additives.  All of this is achieved with the urea formaldehyde resin manufactured at Steel Wood Industries (Dubai Ranch) premises while maintaining ultra-low formaldehyde emissions (Reference to CARB ATCM and U.S. EPA TSCA Title VI requirements, formaldehyde testing in accordance to EN 717-1 “Determination of Formaldehyde Emissions Steady State” and ASTM D5582-14 “Standard Testing Method for Determining Formaldehyde Levels form Wood Products Using a Desiccator” – require testing do be done quarterly “either by CARB certified third parties” or by “TPCs” having the ISO/IEC 17025 certification).  In addition, the revolutionary mechanical properties allow all the above to perform equivalent to solid wood, plywood, mdf, osb applications combined (and even superior)!

SWI is not calling for stop cutting of trees; trees are natural raw material that is directly proportional to the increase in population worldwide.  SWI, however, realizes the abundance of post-consumer wood waste in various forms and the scientific utilization of such “random-waste combinations” not only helps us in covering the increase in demands but also allows for the equivalent demand volumes of trees to “breath in Carbon Dioxide” and “breath out Oxygen” naturally giving enough time for earth to recover (a ratio of 1 ton of wood is equivalent capture of 2.47 tons of Carbon Dioxide).  The natural direct capture of carbon dioxide of trees aids the UNFCCC and thus the Paris Agreement commitments by countries worldwide to reach the ultimate goal of slowing down the rapidly accelerated climate change we witness on a daily basis.  “All of this can happen while providing the end user superior-quality SDB maintaining a positive economy and providing a healthy atmosphere, minimizing landfill sites, etc. to future humankind and species habituating earth,” said the Managing Partner and Inventor (MPI), Ghassan Afiouni of Steel Wood Industries (Dubai Ranch).  “We extend our hands to our “partner” competitors and international manufacturers to engage in SDB production in a portion of their mills worldwide and collectively we can protect our bigger home, Earth, while providing safer homes” he added.

While you are reading, SWI is engaging in major expansion talks worldwide; every municipality can provide a minimum role and collectively as a big team, we can all engage in preserving our environment and continue in our technological advancement without having to alter our lifestyles.  Millions of tons of wood are ignored, burnt or buried annually around the globe and legislations of segregation of this “beige gold” need be set in place.  Major venture capitalists, investor and environmentalist already saw this potential (as a proven model) as both an environmental and economic opportunity for the future.  Such actions will definitely have a positive return on each government’s economy and would introduce a new “Natural Economical Direct Carbon Capture System (NEDCCS)” cycle for a greener 2050 target.

“The APA are in continuous strive to encourage and support environmental-friendly SDB-like products,” as quoted by APA.  SWI’s “busy-bull” is always engaged in Research and Development to introduce other new environmental-friendly types in the very near future for more “bull-powered applications” and other wood waste burden types and will coordinate with APA for future revisions and publications.  SDB is the environmental panel of the future and with its international birth and recognition is having such mills adopted worldwide.  “We can all put hands together along with environmentalists worldwide to handover a greener earth to the species and our men and women of the future,” said Afiouni.  SDB (want more wood, plant more trees panel) is truly the “type” panel of the next century born today! 


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