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Record Number of Candidates Impress Jury in Stars of Science Casting Episodes

Young Arab innovators strived for jury’s approval through Qatar Foundation’s flagship edutainment initiative

Doha, Qatar-Saturday 28 September 2019 [ AETOS Wire ]

The marathon to become the Arab world’s next top innovator has begun, as Qatar Foundation’s Stars of Science concludes the casting stage.

Season 11’s opening three episodes showcased presentations from eager hopefuls armed with technological solutions for an array of problems. This year’s contenders held great promise, as the largest group in the show’s history – 31 candidates in total – impressed the jury and advanced to the selection round; taking one step closer to winning the title and a share of $600,000 in seed funding.

In a brand-new format that focuses on collaboration and sustainability, various changes were made to the casting phase. The amendments were designed to alleviate the pressure on potential contestants and encourage open dialogue amongst peers and alumni - several of which co-hosted the casting episodes, including Anna Malek, Season 10 contestant; Dr.Nour Majbour, Season 10 finalist; and Walaa Aniba, Season 6 contestant. To commence their Stars of Science journey and prepare for the jury’s extensive questioning, candidates gave short presentations to new and old competitors. This unique element acted as an initial screening for the jury – who were monitoring every candidate’s performance behind the scenes – and gave the trio time to reflect and formulate deeper questions. The contestants then had the chance to explain their concepts further in one-on-one interviews with each jury member.

“Stars of Science has been a driver of innovation for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in the Arab region for over a decade. Coming from a medical background, I am delighted to see that this year’s ideas address modern problems using innovative technologies, especially in the biomedical field,” said Professor Abdelhamid El-Zoheiry, Stars of Science jury member.

“I am also proud of our alumni, who demonstrated that they knew how to provide detailed critiques of candidates and their inventions and ask all the right questions.”

In its opening episodes, Stars of Science strongly emphasized the role of women in innovation and their accomplishments in varying scientific fields. Following the record number of participation and success of women last season, the show has become the leading platform for Arab women to challenge existing stereotypes and highlight their triumphs.

The casting episode featured innovators whose projects proposed to solve problems in all realms by utilizing technology in creative and novel ways. Ideas included a nursing bottle that aims to target the dental health of infants, while another standout concept was a self-charging battery for prosthetics that charges itself through the patient’s movement.

“The consistent passion, creativity, and dedication we have seen throughout the Casting stage has shown us the sheer amount of talent young Arabs have when they are provided with a supportive platform,” said scientist Dr. Nour Majbour, who secured second place in Season 10. “This is a unique environment in our part of the world, and I am happy to do my part in nurturing a new generation of Arab innovators.”

The show’s next installment, the selection episode, will air on Saturday, October 5, across eight channels and online. Following the jury’s choice of the most promising innovations, the top eight will travel to the Stars of Science laboratories in Qatar Science & Technology Park, Qatar- part of Qatar Foundation for Research, development and innovation-  to develop their prototypes in the state-of-the-art shared innovation space and turn their ideas into a reality.

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About Stars of Science

As the premier innovation show in the Arab world, Stars of Science – the edutainment TV initiative of Qatar Foundation (QF) – empowers Arab innovators to develop technological solutions for their communities, benefitting people’s health and lifestyles, and helping to preserve the environment.

Over a nine-week process, the contestants demonstrate the effectiveness of their solutions in a shared innovation space, competing against time with the support of a team of experienced engineers and product developers. An expert panel of jurors assess and eliminate innovators and their projects every week across several prototyping and testing rounds, until only four finalists remain to compete for a share of $600,000 in seed funding. Jury deliberation and online voting from the public determine the rankings.

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