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MEDIA ALERT: Algorand Foundation Announces Optional Early Redemption of Auction Refund

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SINGAPORE-Friday 2 August 2019 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The Algorand Foundation’s mission is to promote the long-term success of the public blockchain network and the Algo token. By introducing an early redemption option, we are giving auction participants an early optional opportunity to redeem the refund above the current value of the Algo. In response to feedback from the market, the foundation is seeking to strengthen the long-term viability and fairness within the Algo market for remaining participants who are taking a longer-term view and who wish to contribute to building out the Algorand platform.

Accordingly, as an alternative to the original 90% refund option available to auction buyers on the first anniversary of the first auction, the foundation will provide an optional Early Redemption Option in an effort to take these specific auction tokens out of circulating supply. In this option, a user who bought #X Algos at the first auction can return all #X of them to the foundation in this coming week and receive 85% (recognizing the effect of the time value of money) of the price paid to acquire them.

In order to meet eligibility requirements, participants will have seven days to return all auction Algos to their designated wallet starting at 8am SGT on August 2nd, 2019 and ending at midnight SGT on August 9th, 2019. The redemption window will open on August 23rd and will provide an 85% refund of the clearing price at the first auction. Refunds will be dispersed via the same currency the auction account was funded by (USD, BTC, ETH).

Early Redemption Window Details

All Algos intended for redemption must be in the wallet that received Algos from successful auction bids by midnight SGT on August 9th, 2019.
Redemption processing window will be seven days starting at midnight SGT on August 23rd, 2019.
Redemptions must be initiated via the Algorand Foundation auction website and your auction account. Additional details to come to eligible early redemption window participants.
The Algorand Foundation will refund 85% of the auction clearing price per Algo returned
Auction clearing price: $2.40 per Algo
85% refund: $2.04 per Algo
If you funded your auction account with USD, refunds will be processed in 1-3 days (determined by the time required for bank wire transfer)
If you funded your auction account with BTC or ETH, refunds will be processed within three hours.
Early Redemption Window Requirements

100% of Algos received at auction for a single address must be returned - no partial refunds will be eligible
All Algos must be in the wallet that received Algos from successful auction bids by midnight SGT on August 9th, 2019 or you will not be eligible to participate in the early redemption window
Redemptions must be initiated from the auction website and your original auction account. Additional details to come to eligible early redemption window participants.
Participants in this optional early redemption program agree to waive their rights to their original 90% refund policy.
Next Steps to Participate in Early Redemption:

Ensure that by midnight SGT on August 9th, 2019, your designated auction wallet has the same number of Algos as you received from the original auction.
Original Refund Policy
Participants may retain the original Refund Policy of 90%. This means that auction participants can continue to retain their Algos and have the option of participating in the original refund policy in June 2020, where they will have a one-week window to exercise the 90% refund of the June 2019 auction purchase price. Details on exercising this option will be available approaching June 2020.

About the Algorand Foundation
The Algorand Foundation is providing the trusted infrastructure needed to support the growth of a borderless economy. With research led by Dr. Tal Rabin, a 2018 Forbes World Top 50 Women in Tech, the Algorand Foundation is incorporated in the Republic of Singapore.

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