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First-Degree Laser Burns Can Take Around a Year or Two to Heal

 Opt for treatments with registered and certified clinicians and practitioners to avoid the unpleasant side effects

Dubai, United Arab Emirates-Sunday 26 August 2018 [ AETOS Wire ]

With more women in the UAE looking to boost their confidence, cosmetic procedures as laser hair removal seem like a great permanent solution to ditching the conventional methods. However, a bevy of botched procedures proves that laser hair removal can be dangerous.

“Laser hair removal is a process that targets the hair follicle, and if not done accurately can lead to severe first-degree burns, which might leave the skin break out in sores and blisters. This leads to pigmentation which might take a year or two to heal depending on skin tone,” advised Dr Evana Janbeh Dermatologist of CosmeSurge.

Laser hair removal, which involves high-powered laser lights killing hair follicles at the root is a simple procedure. However, unsightly burns and scars often occur due to unlicensed or unqualified technicians performing the procedure using dangerous medical equipment. Typical signs of laser hair removal burns include, but are not limited to severe swelling and redness of the skin. Eventually for some, discoloration of the skin can also become visible.

Many times, laser hair removal is done by using hair removal machines, which heats the hair follicles underneath the surface of the skin and temporarily prevents re-growth of the hair. Such machines can easily cause first-degree burns, as well as other types of injury to the skin, if used negligently.

“Burns due to laser treatments are very common if performed by inexperienced laser technicians, wrong choice of laser device, or abusive and an aggressive attitude of doing the procedure at home all by yourself. It is therefore important to opt for treatments with registered and certified clinicians and practitioners to avoid the unpleasant side effects and first-degree burns,” added Dr Janbeh.

It is therefore recommended that specialists have the right laser hair removal system that fits each skin type and patients choose the registered and certified options to avoid burns.

Here are some tips if you’re considering a laser hair removal treatment –

* Get the procedure done at a professional clinic, that is an expert to perform such kind of treatments.

* The laser hair removal machine should be approved by the UAE health body; and must be suited to your skin type and colour.

* If you suffer a first-degree burn, use a skin-healing ointment or treat the areas where any discomfort is experienced with an ice pack. Take a pain-reliever as prescribed by your doctor.

“In the past few years, laser hair removal treatments have come a long way. With varied options available, it is imperative that patients select the right experts to avoid first-degree burns or any other injuries for the skin,” concluded Dr Janbeh.

According to Cosmetic Laser Market by Type, global cosmetic laser market was valued at approximately USD 639.76 million in 2017 and is expected to generate revenue of around USD 1,591.58 million by the end of 2024, growing at a CAGR of around 12.15 percent between 2018 and 2024.


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